Work fun

Moaning I suppose about my wife lack of cock sucking attention at work to a colleague, has lead to a whole new world of sex for me.
We were overheard when I explained I love having my dick sucked, but my wife no longer entertains me that way, or any other way for that matter.
A couple of days later a young guy who'd not worked at our place for long asks me if I'd give him some advice in one of the store rooms.
Feeling like a knowledgeable and older man (47), I entered the small room to see the young man drop down and say to me "Id suck you off anytime".
Instantly realising he was probably listening to the conversation I'd had, I was literally put on the spot. I was going to tell him I wasn't gay, but my dick rose so quickly in my trousers, it was hard (No pun intended) to deny I was turned on.
He reached for my trousers, and I just allowed him after some fumbling around, to get my cock out and suck in my dick.
It had been so long since I'd had any sexual attention (Other than me masturbating) that I couldn't help myself and I began to fuck his face. It felt unbelievably good and he was extremely good at sucking cock, I didn't last too long.
Within five minutes I was cumming in his mouth and the young man just kept on sucking away. With my dick and balls drained, he stood up, told me I could empty my balls down his throat anytime, and walked away as if we'd just spoken about the weather. What's more, I didn't even know his name.
The following day in work, after thinking about what we'd done all night at home, it only took a wink from Jamie (I asked someone his name) and a nod towards the store room.
This time I took a bit more control and lasted a lot longer, fucking his mouth and throat, and making him lick all over my balls too. He also undid his trousers and began to wank his little hard on.
Bucking my cock hard into his mouth, he let my cock go quickly and I thought i'd hurt him. Standing up he turned around and said he trusted me, and that if I'd like to, he'd love me to fuck him.
It seems weird now, but I refused telling him I'd only just met him and I wasn't sure about going that far. Without batting an eyelid he dropped back down, sucked in my cock and blew me until my cock exploded in his mouth.
That weekend I spoke to my wife about our lack of, or non existent sex life, Her reply ultimately shortened down was "I no longer like or want sex".
Monday afternoon Just after lunch, with all of my work pretty much done for the day, I asked Jamie if he'd like to take a trip out with me. Visiting clients is something I do all the time, so it was no big deal for me to be out and about.
Knowing my wife would be on her late shift at the hospital, I drove straight to my house and invited Jamie in. Taking him straight up to our guest room, I close the curtains and began to undress. He did the same and we lay on the bed together.
With my cock fully hard and him sucking away on it, I asked him if he was safe. Stopping, he looked up at me and told me he was perfectly ok. Grabbing the hand cream I'd put on the bed side that morning before work, I moved Jamie so he was knelt up in front of me and was about to cover his arsehole in hand cream. But his little star looked so inviting as it kind of winked at me, I bent down instead and tongued his arsehole like it was a pussy. He squirmed and moaned telling me it felt amazing. I reached under him and tossed his little cock, still licking and tongue fucking his hole for some time.
Not able to hold off any longer, I rose up, put my bare cock to his hole and pressed in. It took a little time for it to suddenly pop into his arse, but once it did I gripped his hips, and I fucked Jamie for all I was worth.
He groaned loudly at first, in some pain I no doubt, but after a few minutes and with my cock bottoming out up his hole, he backed onto me and it made me fuck him all the harder.
Again I reached under him, but Jamie was already tossing himself off furiously. However I took over humping away all the time. Fucking him and wanking him, I got myself into a sexual frenzy and heard telling me he was cumming. Ever so turned on, I pounded his arsehole and was amazed when he came. He arched back making me let go of his dick and my cock rammed up his backside. I came as his arse squeezed tight on my cock and I ended up on his back again hugging him tight.
We collapsed on the bed with my cum oozing out of his arsehole. I didn't care and faced him as he moved over to me. Taking his cute young face in my hands, I kissed another male for the first time in my life and carried on kissing him until I felt him move away. He slid down my body and took my cock back into his mouth. Sucking it in I became hard again after some time. He moved back up, snuggled into me so I was behind him on my side and he directed my cock to his arsehole. Thrusting in, we fucked like that for a long time. Very slowly and with him turning his head to kiss me.
When I came up him the second time after probably twenty minutes of grinding into his fuck hole, he asked me to clean him down there. I went to get a warm wet cloth, but Jamie said "No with your mouth and tongue".
He'd just given me the most wonderful afternoon of beautiful gay sex, how could I refuse.
And that's where we're at to this day. In work we now keep it purely professional. And I've even taken Jamie on as my personal client assistant. Our trips out are almost daily and we don't just end up at one clients place (My house) now. When the weathers nice enough, we've developed a kink of fucking outdoors. It's just awesome fucking him naked in the woodlands and local hills only ten minutes away from where I live.

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  • You made my cock hard. Wow wee! I am in a similar set of circumstances. My wife rarely gives me any sex. I have several porn sights I go to. On one of them I met this man. We exchanged pictures of our wives naked. We struck up a friendship. Soon we were skyping and masturbating together while totally naked. We chatted on the phone and began texting each other. He is a truck driver and I told him that I would love to suck his big sexy curved cock. He got a load in my area and I got us a hotel room. Being with him was really great. He likes being fucked in the ass. He has lots of toys and drives his truck naked at times with a butt plug in his asshole. He can take some pretty big toys in his ass. I sucked his cock and he filled my mouth with yummy cum. I love being with him. I told him that I would love to see him fuck my wife. He loves her body as she id pretty much like his wife. They have similar bodies. She is chubby with a belly but a really nice ass and tits. I guess I should tell this on here .

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