Nickname Ms, Piggy

I never figure that I'll get a crush on a young ssbbw married woman but she knew how to please. Her name is Beverly. I met her at a dance hall. Her husband bar tends there. He told me to get his wife to dance with me. She loves to dance but she's a really big woman. I thought to myself, 'what the hell' I needed a regular dance partner at that place. She's a good dancer and I love holding her ass. She tells me I'm a great dancer and her husband is happy for her she found someone. She and her husband have an open relationship she tells me while she touches my privates while we dance. " You don't look like your 50' ish, I'm late 30' ish" she tells me as we dance." I began to keep my hands off her ass not to make her think I'm a dirty old man but she grabs my arm and place my hands on her ass.
When I go to the dance hall and see Bev walking about I realize how big and heavy she is. Finally she asked me to go out in the parking to get away from the smoked filled place. To my surprise she wraps her arms around me and started kissing me hard and wildly. I grabbed her ass and began using my hands to roam over her big body. "I'm horny, want me?" she tells me. I said to her, "But your husband? " "Like I said, he and I have an open relationship." she reminded me as we went back in.
I was told to leave my car in the parking and her husband will take me to their place. While in the back seat, Bev unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and her husband could see that in the rear view mirror. Then Beverly opened her top and fed me what little tits she had. They're small but her nipples was great to play with and never saw nipples like hers on any other woman.
Her husband turn on the TV in the living room and Bev pulled me in the bedroom. I never been with someone so anxious. She was naked before I could be nude. Her belly hung out over her dark fuzzy kitty. She laid on the bed pushing her knees apart on her bent legs and being a bit bossy yelled out, "Eat me!" I began working on that snatched and she tells me I'm experienced kitty eater. "Let's 69!" she blurted out. I told her I was so turned on that I wanted her to masturbate me and rub my cock over her rigid nipples. "Do me doggy style!"
She didn't know how eager I was to pump her that way. I didn't know if she was ever rimmed, but wanted to rum my tongue there as I held her cheeks apart. "Oh baby! you're a fantastic lover!" As I was rimming her I reached under her squeezing her belly fat. Her snatch was so moist that I couldn't resist licking it with my tongue. I had my face buried deep in her ass. I blurted out, "Face sit me!" She sat and kept rubbing her snatch on my face and tugged on my cock until it blasted her.
I didn't know her husband was looking on. "Good job! for an old timer like you." he said with his cock in his hand.

11 months ago


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    • Only losers fuck fatties.

    • That's how I see it too. Fatties are low hanging fruit. If you need to get laid real bad just cut a fat one out of the herd and bang away. Just remember to escape after you're done. You don't want the cow following you home.

    • You do it with all farm animals?

    • But losers like you molest pre-teen boys.

    • Aw were you molested by some loser? Maybe if you weren't such a beta fag boy sexual predators would leave you alone.

    • You Pedo Poofters are so predictable.
      When you get called out for raping pre-teen boys you get all pissy.

    • So? You’ve never had the pleasures of a young boy like I have.
      Live a little.

    • Pedophilia is your thing. Not mine!

    • Your thing is being pegged by your grossly obese wife just before she shits in your mouth.

    • Your thing is molesting pre-teen boys when you’re not fucking your mom’s corpse.

    • Ssbbws are the best especially if you get one that is confident and unashamed of her fat body... They will fuck you and suck you all day and all night.

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