Neighbor fucked me

My bf and I were in a huge fight. I'd gone outside to smoke a cigarette while he brooded in his man cave. Our porch stretched across two apartments, but it was really late and dark, so seeing the neighbors lights were out, I went out in just my nightie and slippers. I heard him stirring in his living room, but since I'd been crying, I didn't turn around when he came out, I just quietly apologized for waking him. He didn't say anything, just lit a smoke. I figured he just didn't want to engage with the woman he just heard fighting, so I tried to ignore him.
I stood there staring at the street two floors down for a minute, when I felt him right behind me. One of his hands went up my nightie, the other went between my legs, sliding back and forth against my hairless pussy. I always thought he was so sexy, and my pussy betrayed my better senses and instantly started dripping.
He pulled his hand off my hip, I could feel him pulling out his cock. I gripped the rail and bent over just enough for him to slide in easily. His hand went back to my hip, and pulled me back, the big head of his cock stretching my pussy as he pushed in to me. He reached around and pulled my top down, exposing my tits to anyone who wanted to see. His hand reached around and went from my clit to my mouth, making me suck on his fingers.
When both his hands gripped my hips, and he started plunging his cock even deeper, I knew he was close. He slammed me against the rail and unloaded what felt like gallons of cum inside me, his cock twitching and spurting. My legs were weak and shaky, and as he pulled out I felt his cum run down my legs.
He just walked back to his door, lit another cigarette, and went inside. He never said anything.

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    • So, essentially, he didn't have concent, and you did that from an argument? what? wow.

    • Where did she say anything about RAPE. I think you all just assumed that she cried rape but the way I see it she wanted the guy she didn't even know at first if it wasn't her BF but in reality she would have known as soon as he shoved his dick into her, I know I would have. Another thing nothing was mentioned about 2 seconds before he started in cumming in her, for all you know she could have been fucked by him for 20 minutes or so before he filled her pussy with more cum than her BF did in four months getting off on him over and over she didn't want him to cum to quickly.
      Even if this wasn't true it's a good story as far as I am concerned.
      Thanks for bringing back some memories I had several years ago with my neighbor.


    • You have to be a real idiot to smoke. I bet you have tattoos too. They usually go hand in hand. Self destructive behavior.

    • Hey, look at it from my perspective. I've seen the chick a couple times, but don't really know her. Her old man is a dimwit and a prick and I've seen more than one bruise on her face I'm sure he left as a moment of one fight or another. That night their yelling woke me up enough to look out the window and I saw her on the porch chillin' so I went down. I knew she was a bit of a whore on account of all the sounds I hear - fuck me harder, give it to me, cum on my face, etc - so I figured if they could fuck up my night I could fuck her in return. I made a move, she obliged, and so we did the deed. As for 2-seconds, what the fuck do I care if she enjoyed it or got off? This was about her paying me back for waking me up.

    • You are a serial rapist, buddy... and truly an asshole... you didn't have concent, and by your own words you are a rapist... dude you are scum.. ans she's no better...

    • Haha what if this is really is zee guy

    • Seems like you need to make a habit of hanging out in the porch.

    • So he got off in like two seconds. Oh what fun.

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