Beach teens teasing me

Hey a few years ago I had the day off so I went to the beach I packed a porno mag and my sister in laws panties which I had stole from her a few weeks earlier they were black and very stretchy felt amazing against my coc whilst wearing them they only just contained my package while I was soft I had wore them once before to the beach and went swimming and they felt awesome wet anyway I got to the beach and walked up the beach to were there was nobody around lay my towel out pop my shorts off and put on her panties I light a smoke and started reading my magazine I was getting so horny reading the letters my coc head had grown and was poking out my panties still with nobody near me I decided to go have a swim I jumped in the water was warm i felt very naughty wearing my sis in-laws panties I was as hard as a rock just as I started to walk back to my towel 4 teens came over the sand dunes they only looked like they were around 15 years old they looked like they had jumped school to go to the beach anyway I just made it to my towel in time to pick it up and cover my bulge in my girl panties so embarrassing they walked about 10 meters from me and layed their towels out and stripped down to their bikinis I couldn’t help perving on them they were all so sexy bending over infront of me so I pulled my towel off my lap and layed back to get a tan still perving on the girls I was so hard again and I think they could see because they started flirting with me by flashing me a boob or bending over letting me look at their ass I was so hot had to go for a swim to cool down as soon as I got in the water down they came titties bouncing everywhere so hot I had to get out before they got to close I walked up the beach sat down and watched them playing I could not hold anymore so I took the panties off and layed on my towel and rubbed my shaft waiting for them to see which wasn’t long and they all came up and watched me pull myself off I started to cum really hard and the little chubby red head pulled her tits out and let me shot wot I had left all over them mmmmmmm I’m going to have a wank now just thinking of it again mmmmmm

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  • Wish that would happen to me

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You are a sick fucking pedophilic! Go kill yourself.

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