Growing desire for bisexual encounter

I had an experience with a shemale 27 years ago, and have not been with a penis since then. Most of the sexual encounters I have had have been heterosexual. All my relationships have been with women (the shemale thing was a one night stand deal).
Still, like a great number of men these days I am intrigued and turned on by pretty femboys and trans girls. I think I would have made a pretty femboy had I been so inclined in my youth. I have become more and more turned on by the thoughts of both being with t-girls and with getting dolled up and being with men. I want to suck cock, and I want to cum from being penetrated anally, but only if I am dolled up i.e. make up, wig, etc.

I am still very turned on by women. I think that most women are probably turned off by bisexual men because they see them as basically gay. That is one really big reason I don't want to tell people about my bisexual desires.
I know most people have had homosexual thoughts at some point, especially women I think. I also think that people tend to become more heterosexual as they get older. At least that is what they report in surveys. But is that because we tend to get more conservative as we age? I know there are a lot of guys in their 40s, and 50s and 60s who confess to a desire to suck cock who have never sucked cock before. I suspect that there are a lot of us.
I wonder what women really think of men who have bisexual desires. I would like to see some polls on that subject.

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