Wear a mask, don't wear a mask.
Get vaccinated, don't get vaccinated.
I don't give a shit, just don't tell me how to live MY LIFE.

2 months ago

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    • Wear a mask and get vaccinated. It's not that fucking hard.

    • Don't take the vaccine if you don't want to, your choice and your right to choose. Please don't protest your anti Vax beliefs in front if vaccine clinics because the people there are exercising their right to choose also. Please don't protect your anti Vax beliefs in front of a hospital because many people trying to get past you into the hospital are immunity deficient cancer patients arriving for their treatments and there are also people dying of Covid inside that hospital whose family members ( if they are allowed inside because of the rampant nature of Covid) need not see you outside pretending you couldn't possibly be part if that 0.2%. Also, if you choose not to get vaccinated, why the fuck do you get priority for a ventilator because Covid has turned your lungs to mush but some other sucker who did get vaccinated can't get his heart surgery because YOU get his vent? Where is that person's choice?

    • I hope all you dumb fucks that don’t get shots fucking die while hooked up to a ventilator while I’m fucking your wife in your bed, and driving your truck and your Harley.

    • the so called vaccinated die and they put out those commercials u see all the time..u may be compensated lmao

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