Girlfriend wants to peg me

I came home this evening and found a pair of silk and lace panties on my bed with a note from my girlfriend that said "Put these on, boy. I have some fun planned for tonight." I sent her a text to ask what she had in mind, and she replied that she wanted to bend me over and do me with a strap on. She and I generally indulge each other's fantasies but I've never done ass play. Can anyone give me advice on it? Should I wear the panties and bend over?

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  • Definitely go for it dude. Ever get a blowjob from a girl who stuck her finger up your ass? I am telling you, you will come twice as much and twice as hard.
    Your ass and your junk are connected; notice how your asshole clenches up when you cum?
    There are nerves there, the prostate is there, and further up she will put slight pressure on the base of your penis from the inside. There is all kinds of good stimulation to be had that way.
    Why not indulge her fantasies? You will get pleasure out of it also.

  • Go for it. Wife and I do it often and its great. Use a lot of lube and have her take it easy on you the first time or two. Once you get used to it you will really enjoy it.
    We started out with a nice thin 6" strap on but now I can take a thick 10" strap on up my ass and she knows how to fuck me good and we even made a couple of videos of it. It`s not gay at all it`s called kinky sex and it`s with a female. Just part of keeping your relationship strong and not boring.
    Just relax and go with it you will like it after she fucks you a couple of times.

  • Next time she will blindfold you have a man with a real cock fuck you. Why waste time with silly toys when she can get a real cock for you and he can seed your ass. Wives love to see hubby get tucked by another man. To seem them facedown taking it hard.

  • Get a real cock for your straight ass. I've taken the ass cherries of many older waspy white guys with my cock. Grampas love cock in their asses

  • No way. Indulging a woman's fantasies is very different from doing things with another man.

  • She told me tomorrow that she is bringing BBC to the house and you are going to take it deep.

  • I've always wanted to do this with a man. Very sexy. Try it!!! Also, it really doesn't make you gay. It's sex-play with your girlfriend. :) Enjoy!

  • I'm not concerned about it being gay. She's a woman so by definition it isn't gay. I'm just not sure about getting penetrated and how it would feel.

  • Do you enjoy the feel of her panties when you touch her ass? I love feeling my girlfriends panties, seeing her in lingerie turns me on. I get a great hard on when I wear panties and she touches me. When she first started using her strap on on me I had a huge climax without anyone touching my dick. Let it happen, it will be great.

  • What does it feel like when she does it to you? Is it painful at all?

  • Yes. I promise it won't make you gay.

  • Everyone is right. It won't make you gay, unless that's something you've already been thinking about. I used to have sex with a very kinky girl who kept several dildos under her bed. One night while we were having sex she pulled one out and started sucking it right in front of me. Then she offered it to me. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it, sliding it up and down deep in my mouth. I saw her watching me and she was getting turned on by this. Suddenly I saw her cum hard right there in front of me. At that moment I knew that must have been one of her fantasies. She must have always wanted to see one man suck another man's dick. After that she wanted to know had I ever had sex with another man. I told her that I had. At that moment she wanted to hear all about my adventures in the world of gay sex. She asked was I a top or a bottom, she wanted to know what positions I liked, how many men I had been with, did I wear women's clothes, had I ever been finger fucked, had I ever had a boyfriend, what's the biggest dick I ever had, and everything else you could think of. Once she found out I always wanted to be a sexy prostitute, our sex life was better then ever. To this day we are the best of friends.

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