Wife's with other men

For several years while having sex I would ask my wife if she would like to have another person join us in bed. One day she said that she didn't want me to have sex with another woman. I told her that was okay but I was talking about having another man join us. She asked if it would be okay with me if another man had sex with her. I told her that as long as we did it together I thought that I would really enjoy it.
We went to another city a couple of hours away and went into a bar known as a hookup place for couples looking for men. We sat at a table and shortly a couple of guys came over and offered to buy us drinks. After a couple of drinks my wife said that she needed to go to the ladies' room and wanted me to go with her. After she came out I asked her which one she wanted and she asked me to choose. I told her how about both. We left the bar and went to the hotel next door where we had already gotten a room.
I quickly undressed my wife and then asked the guys why were they still dressed. Over the next two hours both guys had cum inside my wife twice. After they left, I got between my wife's legs and licked their cum out of her. Then I stuck my dick into her wet hole and quickly added my cum inside her.
The next morning we had sex again. As we were driving home my wife asked if this was a one time thing or could we do it again. I said so you enjoyed having sex with two other men? She blushed while telling me that she had really enjoyed herself. We went to this bar and motel almost every weekend for the next two years. Over that time she had sex with over 150 men mostly in threesomes with me watching and several foursomes. Watching her having orgasms with other men between her legs was the greatest times of my life. Now that our children are grown, I checked and the bar and hotel still exist and we are going there this Saturday and I hope that some younger guys will want to have sex with my mature wife.

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  • Nice , l hope l run into you one day soon, maybe all 3 of us can play , l'm 8inchernyc

  • I wish i will b with ur wife one day

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