First time Bi

So, I was 21 years old, 5'10, 175lbs, light brown short hair with blue eyes, slender/muscular build. I was curious about guys since the 8th grade. I was in college at the time and was thinking about sex constantly, especially with men. I decided to put an ad online, explaining that I was bi-curious and interested in meeting someone for some discreet fun. After sifting through the replies, I came across a guy who said he worked as a trainer at the local gym. He included a nice pic of himself too. Nervous as hell, I agreed to meet him at a hotel in town. I was in a Fraternity at the time, living with my GF. Getting ready didn't get her suspicious, because we both had parties to go to that night. I showered, shaved and shaved my body. I put on a nice pair of red bikini briefs, new socks and Tshirt, a button down shirt and dressy jeans. I gave my gf a kiss goodbye and jumped in a taxi, but instead of going to the party, I went to the hotel. I was at the hotel for no longer than 15 minutes, when he showed up. He asked me, "are you Chris" and I said yes. He asked me if I was still interested and I said yes. He was older then he let on, clearly about 35 years old, but GL. He parked the car and went inside to pay for a room. A few minutes later, he came out and I followed him to our room. My heart was pounding like crazy, I had sweaty palms and was contemplating running away but didn't. We went into the room, took off out jackets and then he placed a sheet over one of the lamps to create some mood lighting. His confidence was welcoming, because I didn't know what to do. He walked over to me, grabbed my hips and began to kiss me. I was instantly turned on, he was about 6'2', 190, built, brown hair, brown eyes. As he was kissing me, he began to undress me, he started with my shirt, then started unbuckling my belt with his hands while kissing my neck. I was rock hard, it was perfect. He sat me down at the edge of the bed, then took my shoes and pants off. He told me to scoot back on the bed, while he undressed slowly. It wasn't this guys first time, I could tell you that. I was lying on the bed, resting on my elbows in my underwear and here was this hot older guy with a sick body getting ready to bang me. He walked over to the table and grabbed a bag and brought it back to the bed. It contained condoms and some KY. He got up on the bed and started to kiss me some more, this time all over my body, while rubbing my dick through my underwear. He pulled my underwear off and took me in his mouth, I was as hard as I ever had been, my back was arched like a chicks and My toes were curled, it was the hottest thing I ever had experienced up to that point. As he was sucking on me, he grabbed the KY and started to lube up my ass. I opened up my legs hinting that I was ready for him. He lifted up my legs and mounted me, rubbing his dick against mine. He was about 8 inches, trimmed nicely. I still remember feeling his tip up against my ass, he probed slowly several times, ensuring not to hurt me, he asked if it did and I told him no. He slowly pushed himself deeper and deeper inside me while pushing my legs upward to my shoulders, causing me to moan like a girl. It felt good, I was still rock hard and kept my eyes on his as he continued to pump himself in and out of me. I reached my arms over my head, trying to grab onto something to brace myself with, as he began to pound me harder. The harder he pounded, the harder I moaned. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into me and tried to live in the momment by saying, "fuck me, fuck me". I was eager to please. He pulled out of me and rolled me over quickly onto my stomach and started to bang me from behind. This hot guy was in control and I was his little bitch. He started going hard, moaning and moaning, I squeezed my ass tight and told him I wanted him to cum. He was telling me how fucking hot I was and that he was going to come, he pumped me and pumped me hard one last time and I knew he just came! It was amazing, he pulled out of me, took a couple minutes to catch his breath, then gave me a good blowjob. I got dressed soon after, and gave him a kiss goodbye and never saw him again.

5.2 years ago


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    • No kidding I even was pushing my ass back against the chair wishing it was me.

    • So hot. You had me squeezing my asshole while reading.

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