Sister caught me

I was masturbating when I was about thirteen, certainly was not the first time I just was a little stupid to think my sister would not come in my closed bedroom door. I closed the door and put in some ear buds so I could watch some porn without her hearing it. I was pretty far along in the video and had a nice stroke going when I saw some movement in my peripheral vision, I jerked my head to look and she was standing there with a smile on her face looking down at my hard on. I of course freaked out a little bit and asked her what the hell she was doing just coming into my room.
She was still looking down and told me to not worry about it because it was pretty exciting seeing me stroking my cock, she had this huge smile going on her face then asked me in a real quiet voice if she could see it again or better yet stroke it for me.
It was a little weird to say the least because she is my sister but given my hormones back then I told her if she really wanted to she could do it. She knelt down on the floor and told me to start the video up again while she started slowly grabbing my cock. She was watching the porn and just sort of holding my cock with her hand stroking it slowly. I sat there getting pretty turned on just watching her do it, she finally started just concentrating on my cock and asked me a few questions about what felt good. I came and it shot right up in the air landing on my legs mostly but her fingers had some on them too. She had a big smile on her face and told me that was great to see, she kept running her fingers around my head and slowly stroking it.
It was about then that the video changed scenes and the woman was sucking on the guys cock with a lot of passion. Once again her attention was mainly on the video with her fingers gently moving around. I grabbed the towel I had planned on cuming in and started wiping up and she then took it to wipe off her hands.
She then asked me if she could try what the woman was doing, I looked down at her and asked her what got into her lately because this was about as far from what I ever thought she would do. She again watched the woman for a few more seconds then started doing it to my cock, she was doing a great job imitating the woman and even started sucking as fast as she could do it just like the woman. I was hard again and she just kept on going as I was breathing fast now enjoying the hell out of her mouth. She must have sucked on me for fifteen minutes and I finally started to cum again. I was worn out for sure and she was breathing hard herself from all the sucking.
She came back to my room the next day and asked again if she could play with my cock, I told her she could play with it anytime she wanted and I asked her if she would mind me playing with her. She told me not yet, she just wanted to play with mine for now. She again stroked and sucked me taking her time and speeding up, asked me if she could do anything different. I was in heaven for like two weeks thinking that there was no way this was going to keep going but I was not let down at all. If I remember right she gave me a blow job on my eighteenth birthday telling me that she was really glad to do it.

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