Father inlaw condom

My inlaws live with us. They have a separate unit attached to our house. I found out my father inlaw is screwing another woman and I have found used condoms in tissues in our bin.

I unwrapped a tissue from the bin and found condom. The father inlaw I must admit has a decent load packs the condom well.

I have picked up his used condom and taken it to my room was grossed out at first. But not sure what got into me I said to myself I will fuck my wife with it with his sperm in there.

What I did was I had cut a slit in the end of the condom and when I was ready to fuck my wife I would put my cock in the condom and my father inlaws sperm would collect up at the end ready to burst out. As I inserted my cock into my wife's pussy the sperm would start squiriting inside her. Once the sperm was out I would take the condom off and throw it on my side of bed on the floor.

She is totally unaware of her dads sperm inside her while he have sex. She has made comments that its so wet or has mentioned have I cummed already because I can feel it leaking. I kind just ignore the comment and keep thrusting her. And when I pull my cock out I see the cum dripping and I would rub it all over her pussy.

I have a few times dipped my knob into the condom to have his sperm over my knob and had my wife blow me and I would pull back on my cock and the knob would open in her mouth with her dads sperm.

I also have put the condom in her pussy while she is sleeping. I would put the condom in carefully inside her pussy and empty it out inside of her gently squeezing the condom till all the sperm had dripped out. In the morning the panty with have a wet spot where the sperm has dripped out. I climb on top and mount her and insert my cock in and I must admit it is so wet, warm and slippery I pound her so much mixing her dad's cum. I can see the white foam building up by the pussy hole and then I shoot my load and fill her up with fresh cum. Best ever fuck.

I have been doing this for awhile with her. Sometimes I find two condoms in the day and I would empty both condoms sperm into my wife pussy. She totally unaware of this. And has no clue that her pussy has her dad's sperm pretty much most of the time. Even has tasted daddy sperm in her mouth.

I am going to keep on doing this. Kinda enjoy the fact her dads sperm is in her pussy and I get to mix it with my cock and shoot my load in there too.

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  • Dumb fantasy again. Always wanting to impregnate people.

  • What if your wife gets empregnated by her dad?

  • No you're not. Your wife would have to be fucking mentally retarded to not catch on.... In fact, I will bet that you are a 14 year old teenage boy who loves to write stupid shit and haven't seen a real pussy yet.

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