I'm having an affair with the same woman.

I had a lover many many years ago just after high school it didn't last long, 10 years later we reconnect as lovers and it faded away.We both got married and had kids, my wife became friends with her. We got back together years later for the sex, it too faded after 5 years. We just got back together, it's round 4 with this woman, on and off for 25 years of nothing but sex, we are like made for each other sexually. We've been cheating for a longtime at times right in our spouses beds. I especially love fucking her in the bed my wife and I sleep in. I loved her pussy juice all over the sheets my wife laid in as I fucked her to cover up for my lover. She's a nieve bitch.I feel really good after a few hours of fucking my lover and coming home with her pussy juice on my face. My wife has no idea I cheat, I have a lover, a long time friend who has the same dirty mind and get's into some heavy duty sex, the kind of sex that never happens at home. Her husband is an idiot, it goes right over his head, lost in his little world he's not fucking her. I'm never going to stop fucking this woman, sometimes its months, but it's been three times in one week. It's all about the timing and common sens, you can get away with it if your marrige sucks.

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  • Everyone and me would be delighted and blahhed out to win millions in lotteries. more then a revenge but a ritual to love of god to live well.

  • Don't ever think you two should be together. There is nothing luke a committed relationship to kill a woman's sex drive. Just Google "Why women's libido diminishes after marriage" if you doubt that. You two are for fucking and that's the extent of it.

  • Both of you, should just be adults and get divorced.
    Then be together.

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