I cheated on my wife with her best friend

My wife was a nurse. I'd often meet her for lunch at the hospital were she worked. One day she brought her new friend Sarah. Sarah was an unmarried free spirited pot smoking hippie with a voluptuous body and an infectiously bubbly personality. Just looking at her made me lightheaded. I liked her was too much even from the start, though I never anticipated we'd become lovers.

Soon the ladies were hanging out all the time. They'd hit a local bars for drinks every Friday and then come home, where they'd chat and smoke pot for the rest of the night, go to the gym together, trade recipes, go shopping, all the girly stuff. Strange thing is, soon Sarah was getting even closer with me than she was with my wife. My wife saw it too, though my wife wasn't the jealous type, and at that time I hadn't done anything for her to be jealous about (though it was a good thing she didn't know what I was thinking). Soon Sarah and I were going on hikes, watching movies together and hanging out at her house while I did yard work for her. Once when I was sick Sarah volunteered to take off work and nurse me back to health. Surprisingly, my wife still wasn't jealous and even encouraged our friendship.

Then it happened. One day I was at Sarah's house. I had just cut down a couple of trees for her and went back inside where we were sitting on her bed together. Maybe I was just horny, but I thought I detected a special gleam in her eye. Though it's completely unlike me (honestly, I've never said anything like this before or since), I looked eyes with her and said "You know, I've always wanted to watch you have an orgasm." She giggled and smiled naughtily in response but didn't say a word. My penis throbbed in my pants.

A couple months later my wife's mom was sick and she went out of town to care for her. I asked Sarah out to dinner. I went to her house to pick her up. But we never made it any farther than her bedroom. From that night on, I was over there every chance I could get. Sometimes, we'd fuck. Sometimes she'd tie me up for tease and denial handjobs and make me cum while sitting on my face. Sometimes we'd do kinky roleplay where she was the naughty nurse assigned to collect my sperm sample.

We had huge amounts of fun together. It went on for years without my wife having a clue. I kept thinking that I must be total scum to hook up with my wide's best friend while she was out of town caring for her mom and then have kinky sex right under her nose, but that's exactly what I did and it felt great. Eventually, my wife found out. She was devastated and we got divorced. I still feel very guilty about but even now I cannot really repent, because I also still think my affair with Sarah was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm not sure if this makes me evil or not, though I've decided that if I am to be dammed I might as well be damned for what I am, and I guess I am a kinky sex fiend who cheats on his wife. So it goes.

Jan 10
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    • When i was married to my first wife, I cheated on her with her best friend. Her friend is married also. We were all at her house having dinner. She and I went outside to smoke and she started rubbing on me with her ass. I fucked her right then and there on the front porch

    • Nothing like exciting sex with someone your wife knows lol
      I used to sleep with my wife's sister

    • My wife’s sisters are both fat.
      However her half sister while so naive in her 20s layed on the couch while My wife was asleep. I pulled her close and my hands wandered. Hers did the same. I should have fucked her, but….kids.. divorce… I restrained

    • So what if they are fat. They like to get fucked too lol. Both my FWB are bigger girls and actually they are better in bed!

    • Sarah was a little chubby. As far as I'm concerned, it just made her sexier. I can still see her big tits swaying when she took her shirt off to greet me and I'd fuck her good or get a delicious handjob.

    • See. Nothing like big swinging tits my friend lol
      Both my fwb have massive tits

    • The only thing better than big swinging tits, are big swinging tits covered with sperm!

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