Is something wrong with me?

I have this weird fantasy about being kidnapped and raped. It gets me off every time. I'm conflicted, I feel like it's wrong of me.

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  • I was serious and legit kidnapped & raped i loved when the seven guys took turns on my mouth and asshole with there big huge cocks

  • I have a similar fantasy, when I was 18 I was taken advantage of at a party, ever since I can't seem to get off unless I pretend my bf is raping me. I haven't really brought myself to telling him this.

  • Just ask him if he wants to try a little role play. What happened at the party when you were 18?

  • It's a very normal fantasy, and if you find someone you can honestly trust, the scene is not uncommon in the BDSM world. It can be incredibly rewarding with the right person.

  • There is nothing wrong with you, I had the same desire when I was younger and even pushed it farther than I should have on numerous occasions but my guardian angel was watching out for me.

  • My husband occasionally does this to me after I told him the same thing, I think he had a secret desire to do it to a woman as well. He has gone as far as a pillow case over my head with plenty of restraining followed by a few hours of sex. I am not always in the mood for it but I go with it when he does it. I was in my monthly cycle once and I thought it would be fun to let him find out on his own, it damped his spirit a little bit but he was happy with me sucking on him and much to my protest he used the wand on me and made a mess.

  • Mine will text me asking me if I am in the mood for it and like you I am usually up for it. He also pushes boundaries and also tears my clothes, I have always enjoyed it but would never want the real deal to happen to me.

  • For women, fairly normal. When my hot older sister had her apartment, we were having a few one night, and she mentioned it...Said the thought of being taken, by force, made her hot and, wrong or not, wouldn't mind it happening. We joked about how it would go down, her being tied and gagged, and she thought that was that... Didn't know I was planning it in my head the minute she mentioned being into it...I'd always wanted to anyway, but now that she made it clear such was ok with her....Knew I had to do it.

    Without going into pages-long detail, a few weeks later, I went into the apartment before she got home from a shift at a pizza place/bar she worked at part time (and was always tired afterwards, so, I knew her defenses would be down), waited in her small laundry room in the hallway, face covered in a ski hat (was all I had), and jumped her in the living room when her back was turned and she was taking her shoes off and, as was her habit, unzipping the uniform. I TOOK her that night, just as she said she wanted!

  • So you raped your sister...

  • Great idea. I'm going to do this to my wife. She's not mentioned the idea and she'll go ballistic. She's as boring as shit when it comes to sex and anything I do sets her off so I'll enjoy it and I'll smile on through inside when she yells at me.

  • I'm available

  • If your a guy...thats fucked up. If your a woman its normal.

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