Hollywood Head

I was living in the Valley at the time and for some reason my girl wasn't home. On this night I wanted to live a little on the wild side, so I got in my car and 20 minutes later I was on La Brea and Highland, a known area for CD hookers.
I went into a video store that was strictly XXX, all kinds of toys, lubes and gadgets. In the back there were arcade booths and I went into an empty one, put my buck in and watched some random straight porn. I left the door open and I was standing, pretending that I'm interested and whatever was on the screen, but in truth I had one eye on who was walking by.
A minute later a curvy non-passable CD said hi. I responded back and ask if 'she' could help me. With what? I need some head therapy. I'm a thin decent looking guy and I was being checked out. We squeezed in the booth and I closed the door this time as my 'friend' sat. The screen went black and I was told to feed the machine so we could watch. I paid my fee for the best blow job I have ever gotten. It makes sense because we both have dicks and knows what feels good. I came hard and quick and 'she' was still working it. No woman never kept on sucking after I blew in her mouth, so this was a night of firsts all the way around. I never had a hooker, or a man suck my dick. I will admit that I went back another time to get that feeling again but it never did.

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