Mum is Hiding Something

My mum is hiding something, she use to let me look over her shoulder while she was working on her lap top she didn't have a password but she does now, when I approach she closes down and wont open while I am there, I was curious and walked up quietly behind her I managed to glimpse naked images, she realised and shut the lid, she was flustered and red faced and didn't know what to say, I an sure it was porn I would have thought she would have shared it with me and watched it together I am her grown up daughter we are very close we have washed each others backs in the shower and bathed together, we tell each other dirty jokes with lots of four letter words in them, we swear a lot when we are together, we are more like sisters, I am really disappointed mum wouldn't let watch porn with her and see what develops I want things to develop between us, how can I approach the subject

5.6 years ago


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    • You should not have disturbed your mum it was her private moment, she may have wanted to give herself some pleasure, and you spoiled it.

    • I am a mother and I like watching porn but I will not share it with my siblings

    • There I nothing wrong with watching porn as far as I am concerned its normal one of the greatest pleasures in life is sex, if couples want to record and publish it why not watch it, its the most natural thing in the world why not enjoy the pleasure of seeing it

    • I agree one hundred per cent

    • Its common for parents to watch porn even thought usually then will not admit it to there siblings, my mum caught me watching it, I was very embarrassed she said its ok carry on must watch porn its normal these days

    • I have watched porn with my mum we were really excited she made the first move and comforted me, after a short while we were what you could call full on.

    • I first fucked my son when he was 13, after I let him watch a movie about incest. He's 24 now, and he fucks me at least twice a week even though his married and has two daughters. He says he's going to fuck them as soon as he can get his cock up them.

    • Your mum is embarrassed about looking at porn. Until she feels ok about it, she will continue to hide it. Gently bring up the subject with or maybe let her see you looking at some tasteful nudes. It might allow her to open up more.

    • Good idea thank you who ever you are

    • Porn is never a good habit. Your mom must have been caught up in its nasty addiction and does not want you to be entangled and ruined by it. Guess she's acting in love. You can broach the topic with a concerned tone; like, "looks like your favorite laptop games are coming between us . .. wish you continue to be my best friend . . . love you mom" etc. She will open up to you with time. You did not say anything about your dad, but please do not bear any grudge against your mom and do not give in to porn.

    • There is nothing wrong with porn, and not everyone gets addicted. Maybe it is her kinks that she is embarrassed about. I know that I can't share mine with anyone.

    • Sex is natural, why is so wrong to watch the act of sexual activity its the most natural thing in the world, I wonder why these sexual bigot's read these confessions.

    • Why is porn a nasty habit 75 percent watch it it is a multi billion industry

    • So if 75 percent of the world becomes terrorist, terrorism becomes right? That's your logic. Cocaine and narcotic is a multi trillion dollar business; makes it right? Your logic.

    • Troll in the dungeon!

    • Don't push your outdated puritanical morals on the rest of us. Hiding behind fallacious comparisons (if your friends jumped off a bridge I suppose you would too!) is the tool of the mentally weak. Step up your game.

    • There is nothing "puritanical" here and no one is "pushing anything"; is there a gun to your head? We are merely reasoning and interacting. You are the one that wants to justify porn by vain logic; "it is a billion dollar industry" and so? Is that the only "billion dollar industry"; so any billion dollar industry is right? If that is the case, why is the government hunting down coke and heroin baron? Right is right and wrong is wrong; choose where to belong!

    • I am not talking about terrorists you dim whit

    • You presented a logic; that 75 percent of people watch porn even when you did not quote your source. That does not make it right. The way that leads to destruction is broad and many enter through it. That is the more reason why pornography destroys both body and soul.

    • Its not destroying my soul its doing my body good its makes my dick hard, does it make your dick hard is that the reason your on this website to pretend

    • Aren't you deceiving yourself; fanning the embers of lust and getting hooked on frivolities?. Aren't you investing on something to make you more promiscuous?

      What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    • What would you pay me for something that has no value, no substance, and can't be measured by any scientific method?

    • I don't want to fan the fucking of lust I want to fucking well enjoy them, so why don't you fuck off and read the bible

    • You are the one mentioning "bible' here albeit with hate in your heart. You need love; you need Jesus to take away that hate. Thanks for your curses.

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