Guy here, I confess I am obsessed with oral sex - I love eating out pussy. The best kind are super wet pussys with juice running out of them - but any pussy is good regardless of on period, dirty, clean. All good.

My favorite thing is when a woman gets so excited they let everything go, squirt, pee, you name it. I get to slurp it all up.

I also have a thing for a woman peeing on me, particularly if they pee whilst I am eating them out. Pure heaven.

Anyone else into that, or am I just a freak ?

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  • You're just a freak.

  • I think you're "just a freak." However, no judgement is being made by me for saying so. Whatever floats one's boat ought to be respected so long as all involved are happy with it. But, honestly, eating pussy is great, but not if it smells like a three day old dead fish. As for the peeing, how could that thrill you? Never will "get" that one!

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