Someone please answer these questions.

Serious question. I posted these on a parent group and was promptly blocked.

1. If God made people, who made him?

2. If incest is one of the 10
commandments how did Adam and Eve fuck their offspring?

3. If Jesus could feed the 5 thousand then how the fuck is there people all over the world starving?

4. somebody walking on water? PLEASE... a log in the river most likely.

5 how did the first person ever know that a his dick goes in the noonie?

6. Noahs ark? All them animals don't just come together and walk to an ark. For starters they'd be fighting like mad. Trust me I know, I have cats. More plausible that Noah worked in a zoo and there was a flood or tidal wave, so he just took them to safety on a raft whilst doing several trips.

7. The earth was hit by an asteroid and burnt everything. Now, when I just my kitchen lino, it didn't just start to knit itself back after a period of time.

Thanks if you make it this far.

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  • God is a figment. Created at first to understand, but now used to control. Just face the fact that you will never know anything.

  • Why are you all being nasty to the OP? I'm a Christian and I'm not in the slightest bit offended. It's freedom of speech and any true Christian would not make crude references about the OPs dad "pulling out"
    I think it's good that this teen is interested in what faith to follow.

  • 1. You are a child of God. Meaning the potential is that you can become a God also. Your God was once a child of a God. Through faith in the plan of salvation he progressed to Godhood. Hence the continuous of life. Thus eternal life.
    2. Thou shalt not kill. Nevertheless God lead the Isrealites into battles to destroy wicked people. If incest was used to start the human, so that we could all get a chance at mortality to progress towards Godliness, it being commanded of God, for the greater good and to fulfill the purpose of life for all his children. What sacrifice would you make for this human family to bring about so great a work.
    3. Feeding the hungry in this life is yours and my responsibility. We are the ones being tested here, in life. If he has to do it, then why are you here, and what are you to learn?

  • 4. Again, I doubt he actually walked on water but there are other explanations for it and I think it is more important to look at what it stands for, not whether it actually happened.
    5. The first person probably came from apes and learn from his parents what goes where. As for Adam and Eve, it is said that they ate from the fruit that the devil told them to eat and became aware of all of that, including what goes where I presume.
    6. It is possible that the preditors would not be going after the prey if they were well fed. The prey could be contained in cages and pin's for a short duration; you would also have to feed the animals so you would need more than just two of every species. With the help of a god, it would be possible, just hard. I think you can guess where I am going with this, the message is more important than the historical events. I believe there was a flood and that some animals may have been on a boat like vessel, not the greek or Roman styled boat but a more Mesopotamia vessel.
    7. I am not quite sure what this question is asking

  • Thank you very much x

  • You are welcome

  • Where to start? I am not a religious person and never go to church anymore, but I was born Methodist and might be able to answer some of your questions.
    1. God was believed to make himself but I think of him more as an anagram for how people should act and an explanation for the unexplainable, this is why there are more Atheists nowadays because we have science.
    2. Incest is not one of the tenth commandments; however, they do believe it is wrong for the same reason most other peoples and religions think it is bad. They do believe that Adam and Eve produced offspring but they were really family, Eve was made from Adam's ribs. As for the offspring, there had to be intercourse between them, but I imagine that the Christians, like everybody else except pervs like me, would like to stop it. I believe there was an Adam and Eve type of early human but I also think that they came from apes and could mate with other early humans.
    3. Jesus could feed 5 thousand people by sacrificing his own food and that of his disciples. I take most of the Bible as a metaphor and not as complete truth. I think it is possible that a lot of people were fed by Jesus and his disciples by food that did not seem like a lot, but it would be easy to overestimate the number of people and for the amount of food to see smaller than it actually is. There are people that believe that Bible is 100% accurate but I can not talk for those, for I am not one.

  • For someone who is not religious and does not attend church, I find your choice of pseudonym an interesting one. What urge is your Christian upbringing seek to suppress?😉

  • Why would you ask this here?

  • Why not?

  • If you are going to seriously attempt to discredit the Bible, don't make it easy for your target audience (Christians) to dismiss your questions as facetious.

  • Lmfao so you Christians have no proof you just go by what a book said. Unbelievable.
    So I take it you too can walk on water? I take it you can magic food? Yeah...Ok...

  • The Christians don't have to prove to you what they believe. They test it and it proves true to them, and they choose to follow. No one has busted your free agency. They just warn that with your choices in your free agency there will be accountability. What really blows your mind is how upset you get about the ways they choose to live. Yet they on the other hand, respect your choice to be a lazy slothful complaining soul, because you feel you'll get more out of life being that way. Good luck with that one. You only show how they are walking in faith, while you murmur around in the dark. You lay your limited faith in the things of this world, yet they know to trade this time in by following the path which leads to a greater eternal worth. Good luck!

  • Hi I'm the op and I did not say that comment to you above.

  • 👉

  • Incest is not one of the 10 commandments.

  • I grew up in a cult. This was drilled in to us. No pun intended.

  • Actually the bible has a story about a man who wanted a son, his wife was god told him to get his daughters drunk, screw them,and get a son........its all true, and bible thumpers know it.

  • Lots 2 daughters got him drunk and screwed him to continue his lineage. His wife wasn't barren, she became a pillar of salt, for looking back at the destruction of sodom and gomorrah. It was counted upon the two daughters as a serious act of sin, for violating the law of chastity. Abraham's wife was barren and she gave her handmaiden to him that he might continue his lineage. The wife doing this act in fulfilling the more important work for the progression of the human family. Her following the will of the eternal father. You talk trash, and claim truth, as though you were a son of perdition. Nevertheless, just arrogance of ignorance.

  • Oh fuck off, once again you justify a man getting his daughter pregnant because god told him to do it. Well fuck you Mike Pence and Jerry Falwell. Christians are the scourge of the earth and need to be removed, so we can turn to science and logic for the future.

  • If his wife was barren, where did the daughters come from?

  • He wanted the son post menopause, wife couldn't provide the child so he knocked up a daughter. Then, he chiseled the story on a stone wall while taking a shit which ended up in that bible thingy people keep mentioning.

  • Where is that in the Bible?

  • BS 2:19, look it up.

  • It’s mythology. You’re trying to make sense of a myth. Never going to work. First off stop asking “why” and start asking “how”. There are answers but you have to ask the right questions.

  • Biggest question is why didn’t your dad pull out ?

  • Why? Because someone is curious? Or are you throwing shitty comments out there because you don't know any of the answers.

  • ا'м ىtاll اaugнاn'. اaugнاn' аطочт thе маn
    Nهт рчااin' هчт. Sо dоعs аnубоdy اiкع тhع
    мчىiс هf сhعr?

  • Why? If you think that's hilarious, you should really get out more.

  • Well, - in answer to Cher's question - I do believe in life after love, 💔but I don't believe in life after death.💀

  • I'm laughin' about this 2 comments
    Drug free pregnancy and pull out

  • YEP.... this dude is living proof of what a drug free pregnancy could of prevented!

  • And by the way I did not say you were a bible basher.

  • Why? Because your a bible basher and live your life believing garbage?

  • First of all, how is the comment about the drug free pregnancy "bible bashing"?

    Secondly, "your a"...... WRONG DIP-SHIT, its "you're a", at least get something right in your post.

    Lastly, yes, I believe there is plenty of garbage for one to believe in, such as fictional books.

  • Love how you're being horrible to a kid, for asking questions, yet here you are fiercely defending your "God" on a sex group, while you post about fucking dogs or fancying your mom. Or jacking off to all the shit that your ass, should not be looking at. Ironic. Kids are curious. Maybe it's time for you to fuck off to band camp or bible studies, you fucking jackass.

  • Look I'm 17, give me a break

  • To answer question 1. Some people say that God made himself.

  • Yeah..... of course 😂

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