Hidden Magazines

When I was a teenager, there was a little opening surrounded by weeds and briars over close to the fence of the town's paper mill. One of my friends had come into possession of a big stack of porn mags and hid them there, telling several of us we were welcome to come look at them any time. We did more than look! I got there once and interrupted a boy a year older than me; he had a mag in one hand and his manhood in the other. He started covering up and shoving his cock back in his jeans, so I said "Don't worry about me, I'm here to do the same thing!" He still acted embarrassed, but stayed. I plopped down, picked up a mag and pulled down my shorts, exposing myself to him. After that, he loosened up and went back to jacking off. We never tried to touch each other or anything like that, but we glanced back and forth from our magazines to each other's meat-beating. He came first and cleaned up with an old towel. I sped up and squirted my cum and he handed me the towel, still sticky with his contribution. He and I had never been friends before that, but we were buddies afterward!

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  • That's always nice to have someone to jerk off with. I want to experience that too, but to also have him shoot his load on my face or body and then I can rinse my face off.

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