I can't stop thinking about men using my daughters

I think about it all the time! Some guy creeping on them and I know he is but I don't do anything to stop it. fuck I'm a bad dad!

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  • I'll fuck the little sluts. Knock them up. Send them back to you cum-filled and ready to blow and fuck their daddy.

  • I'm in my 40's. I'm friends with a couple who've been married since their early 20's.They have 2 daughters.I flirt with them both.The eldest is 17 and I really want to fuck her badly. She's the perfect younger version of her mum who is a total hot milf,who I fucked before she got married.

  • I'm exactly the same way with my daughter and my wife. I've even gone so far as to drop hints to guys about when they're normal shower times are and how easy it is to peek through the window.

  • I'm the same except she's my step daughter. I think bout my wife and her getting hit on by guys together.

  • Ngl had a desire to creep on another man's daughter, have access to her room and dirty panties and more, maybe get introduced ect

  • Exactly!

  • Just wondering if this is just fantasy as god I'd love a chance to go through your daughter's room and fulfill your fantasy

  • I wish I could make it reality but how could you trust anyone

  • Id return the favour if I had a daughter myself, but for me I'd try win your trust let you det guidelines and the speed of which I get to do stuff

  • Nightskylife@ gmx.com

  • Having a daughter is very stressful, you worry about every guy being a complete douchebag, summer jobs with bosses hitting on them. But if I knew someone was creeping on one of mine I sure as hell would not sit by idly.

  • I agree, why would someone be ok with this?? I would be jealous

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