Wife's permission

When my wife first caught me, I thought that's it, our marriage is over.
We'd not had sex ourselves in some considerable time and I adore sex. I did try once only, meeting up with a younger woman. The sex was great, but she wanted so much more from me, texting me and demanding I meet her or else. I didn't see her again.
Then I overheard a guy who I sometimes work with. He was telling another guy quite openly, how he meets younger men for sex and fucks them without any baggage afterwards.
I'd never had any gay sex before, but hearing him that day I later tried watching some gay porn when i got home. I found watching these guys fucking younger men turned me on immensely so I began to stroke myself watching the amazing scenes in front of me. After masturbating, I decided if I got the chance to, I would find out of I could be with another male sexually.
That chance came when we held a barbecue for my wife fortieth birthday a few weeks later. Lots of family, friends and colleagues were invited, and one of those people, a young man called Kristan kept on giving me the eye.
I'm not overly sure now if I was giving off any vibes, or it's because I'd made that jump within my own mind to possibly have sex with a male. All the same he definitely was giving me the come on, and I took it.
Knowing he'd gone upstairs to the bathroom, I followed him up. The fact is, he knew i'd followed him and he let me in with him. Within seconds he was on his knees taking my shorts down and then without me saying a single word to him, Kristan began sucking on my cock.
After so long without any sexual contact, my cock became rock hard immediately and I couldn't help myself from fucking his mouth. He groaned a lot and I knew he was enjoying giving me head, just as much as I was fucking his throat. Then as though my body was on overdrive, my cock exploded and he sucked down every drop of my cum.
Getting up as if it was an every day event for him, he thanked me for letting him suck on my cock, then told me his parents wouldn't be around the following afternoon. As he exited the bathroom licking his lips, he put his hands on his ass and told me "I take it here too".
It's only a five minute drive over to Kristan's home. I know his parents vehicles and I knew his fathers car wasn't there. All the same I text him and got the "I'm waiting for you naked".
Again there was't much chat between us. I asked him where they were and he explained "Swap meets".
When he lead me upstairs to his bedroom, i couldn't stop looking at his ass and that sweet looking rose bud. He turned round at one point and told me, I'd better fuck him good.
Sucking on my cock like he had the day before, I was soon straining for release. Kneeling up on his bed, he told me to grease his ass with some lube he had and then spread his cheeks for me.
It was going to be now or never. The now was me plunging my cock up his beautiful asshole, right up to my balls in one long hard thrust and hearing him groan with some pain.
It wasn't in any way a love making exercise. I fucked Kristan that afternoon. I had him lick and suck on my cock when I'd cum up him and then had him fuck himself on my cock as he rode me on his bed. It was such a sexual awakening, I knew from then on I'd enjoy fucking other young men.
Before I left him and his parents home, I sucked on my first ever cock. He'd not cum in all that time, and I tasted his salty cum when his small cock dribbled out into my mouth.
Over the following few months we met up whenever we could. yet it was in my home when I was bare backing him over the sofa arm when my wife walked in on us.
Her comment was "At least fuck him in the guest bedroom. I don't want to see my nephews asshole being fucked by you".
Kritan and I had another hour of sex in our guest bedroom before my wife made us both sandwiches after we showered together.
I'm still to this day fucking my wife's youngest nephew, yet we now fuck even if my wife's already at home.
She'd apparently known for some time I was having sex with Kristan, and from what I now know, loves the fact it's someone she knows and trusts.

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  • I'll never forget when my wife caught me. She came home about 4 hours early. Walked in the bedroom to see me 69ing the neighbor

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