Doggy training

I had been trying to figure a way to get my wife fucking our dog so started rooting her doggy style on the floor when he was around she soon said are you trying to get the dog interested in me I said sort of she said I think that could be fun I have been playing with him for a long while and he comes from my handwork he has been licking both my holes and I have plenty of orgasms that way WOW was I happy so we purchased some large dildo's she is stretching and enlarging very well she is playing with him nude a lot more and he is licking heaps and attempting to mount we are sure it will not be long before the initial joining proper and are all including the dog eager to get it underway they will both just love it

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  • If you wonder want something would be like then try it. Have wife naked all the time and let your pet lick and have her play with him. When time is right let him fuck her and bring him back. Have wife suck him and keep her doing this and she will have mouth full of his cum and soon pussy full of his of his dick. Take pictures and share.

  • I have let the dog lick me but I feel really guilty about it
    I know its called animal cruelty, he didn't need any persuading it was just before my shower I was naked and dropped my ring under the bed I was looking under the bed with my arse in the air when I felt him licking my private parts I let him do it because it felt so good, he tried to mount me but I stood up I really want it again but if I did I know I would let him go all the way, I feel so guilty but my urge is strong.
    comments from someone is into the same

  • Younwont know until it happens

  • Hey thanks for the blow job suggestion that sounds real good let us just get them used to enjoying shagging as we have been training and planning for quite some time, my wife is real good at oral I can assure you so they could be having quite a lot of fun in the future

  • Sounds like you have organized this so well I think you must be ex military, I will be thinking about this at 10am and midday Saturday when he is being handled and will have a giant wank in support of the mounting at precisely 3pm on Saturday

  • Get your wife to give the dog a blow job, she will love it. My husband and I play with our dog Barney, he holds Barney's cock while I blow it. I also blow my husband but Barney gets all jealous and starts barking. Barney loves licking both my holes and he also loves to lick my husband's cock, needles to say we both cum when he does it. We have taught (is that the right word?) Barney to shag me and boy when he finally gets in me he really goes for it. When he cums he goes very still and if I pull away from him you can see him shooting his load. It comes out in spurts for ages and he shoots a bigger volume than my husband but it is much thinner and it doesn't taste or smell as strong as my hubbies lovely juice.
    We want to have a session with a big bitch, a German Shepherd would be ideal. My husband wants to lick her out and so do I, he also thinks that if the dog was big enough he could shag her. Anyone out there with a bitch German Shep? We must find a way to communicate, especially if the owner is a lady - I fancy some girl-on-girl during our dog shagging sessions.

  • Thank you certainly will, we have planned it to be 3pm this Saturday my wife will pull him off at 10 and also midday so he will be pretty empty and we hope he will give her a very lengthy humping, we are going to let him have his last licking tonight so he should be real horny and my wife will be ready to cream at touch, this is going to be just great I am sure, we will have a mattress in the lounge with nice linen and pillows, I will assist with lubing both and the mounting.

  • Please let us know when they have the initial mating and how it all goes I just bet it works out wonderful for them both

  • Longest run on sentence ever. Kills the story.

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