Best foot ball party ever

We had a football party and invited over quite a few couples but only one other wife showed up and they left during half time. I was in the man cave watching all of them yell and get excited about the plays when one of the guys accidentally reached back over his head as I was standing behind him and his hand brushed across my chest. He was very apologetic and I assured him no harm was done and the girls were just fine, I jokingly told him if he wanted to grab my boobs again at least let me pull my shirt up. I lifted up one side of my shirt and flashed him quickly smiling and laughing about it. My husband saw me do it and yelled out for me to take it all off which was followed by a few hoots and whistles. He grabbed the remote and instead of the game going over the sound system he found some dancing music and they started chanting for me to dance. I went up in front of them and started dancing and shedding clothes and by the end of one song I was naked and they were clapping and throwing dollar bills at me.
I was making my way back from the front and my husband pulled me down on his lap and gave me a big hug telling me how sexy I looked and then whispered in my ear that if I wanted to have sex with all of them he would love it. I looked at him and asked him how in the world can I pleasure five guys, one of them said that he practically had an orgasm just watching me dance. I looked up at all of them and told them that I was up for anything so what are you all going to do.
They put me on the ottoman and started running their hands all over me while my husband sat and watched soon after that I felt a tongue licking me from behind and I had two of them with their cocks out at my face. During the whole thing I never had a moment that I was not being pleasured from behind, hands on my breasts and at least one of them positioned in front of me. They were all very nice to me and I had numerous orgasms from them as well as swallowing most of them a few times. One of the guys was quite large and felt amazing as he thrust in and out of me and I even at one point was being licked and thrust into at the same time which really surprised me. Everyone had a great time but I think I got the most pleasure from it all. The next hour was spent just on pleasure or maybe it was two hours.


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  • My husband of 6 years is a huge Seahawks fan and has a foot ball party at our house nearly every Sunday that they are playing. Before half Time I end up getting felt up several times and it's gotten so I don't wear any under garments for I have ruined to many pair before hand and last year my husband put me as the barter for the bet and he lost but I won. My first black and man was he ever hung giving me all he had several times before spilling his cum into me god did he ever, twice as much as my husband ever has. Has one hell of a time making it to the bath room to squeeze it out of me.

  • My husband and I belong to a Swinger group, We meet once a month, I always fuck from 5 to 10 guys in one night, My Husband loves to watch me fuck and suck them Then, he fucks me.

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