I just don't know

I am an 18 year old guy and I've had sex twice in my life before. There's this one friend of mine who I always talk to about my sexual experiences. He was a virgin and always was jealous of my sexual encounters and always wanted to lose his virginity. This guy is 20 years old, but we are really close and relate well... The age difference means pretty much nothing. Anyway, one time he was at my house for a sleep over and we were watching porn as usual and jacking off together. This wasn't embarrassing or problematic in any way... again, we were really close and didn't make a big deal out of seeing each others' dicks. One time, we were just talking and the idea came up that we jack each other off just for the pleasure. So it was nice, it felt good, and the next morning we were happy and there was no awkwardness either, like nothing ever happened.

About two weeks later he slept over at my house again. Long story short, we ended up watching porn as usual at night and jacking each other off again. We said again that hey we're not gay but let's just do this for the good pleasure. And so we sucked each others' dicks, and it really was nice. I kind of liked the feeling of his dick in my mouth... Knowing he was a virgin and really wanted sex, and knowing how much he liked asses and was turned on by the idea of anal.. I proposed to him that maybe just so he knows what it's like he can fuck me in the ass and finally have his anal sex. He agreed after some thought. I had never done it before so I was really tight, and he went slow so it felt pretty nice. I really loved the feeling of his dick pulsing and throbbing in my butt... There's really nothing like having your best friend inside of you. God it was good... He came inside of me and we both went to sleep really happy. We are thinking of making this a regular thing... Maybe we are both gay, I don't know, it started out as just doing minor things for pleasure but this is turning into a sexual relationship...


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  • Hey if yo are close friends and it feels good, why not? Don't let people's opinions tell you what to do. I think if people were honest with themselves there'd be more guys that have se with guys as well as girls. Just do what feels good, who cares who you are with. I hope you guys have a lot of sex together and are close with each other forever, no matter who else you hook up with or even get married to!!

  • You are probably bi but it sound like your having a lot of fun. Keep it goin

  • When he came inside you could you feal the hrat of his cum as it shot into you?
    And how did it feal to suck? Were you on you knees?
    What position were you in when he fucked you?
    I think alot of guys fantisize about this. I am envious.

  • Agreed. I mean, he's getting a taste of what he's always wanted, it's not awkward, and beneficial for both of you. Don't ponder your sexual orientation just enjoy it, bro.

  • It doesn't matter...it's a great thing keep doing what you're doing and let the answer cum on its own.

  • You're talking about sucking & fucking another GUY and you question if you're gay? I don't see the question here. The answer is plain as day.

  • May be u 2 r gay maybe not !
    Maybe this is an act of desperation coz of not having enf sex.
    May be this is an experimentation phase.
    BDW many guys do like to get their asses banged coz it gives them better orgasms.
    Only time will tell if this is a fling or a Permanent thing.
    Just dont lose a good frend in the end !

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