Lisa's Knee

It will be 36 years this month (July 2015) when, at a party, Lisa kneed me right in the testicles as hard as she could. She put me in the hospital.
She damaged me. A few years ago I found out that she had sexually assaulted. me. Another day. Another shower. Another reminder…….

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  • Think it happens to most guys. I still remember getting kneed, hard, by a girl I went to high school (and, one Summer, Summer classes) with. A few of us were crossing a main avenue to get the bus home, and Roxanne and I started jawing at each other. I don't even remember what I said to her, but, right there, on the bus corner, boom..She unloaded a knee to my crotch that had me doubled over and leaning against a store window. The pain was immense and long-lasting.

    The funnier part? I ended up dating her a few months later. Most people thought she and I had a love-hate thing going on to begin with, but, other than my friends who were there that day, never knew about the knee incident. Too bad she missed our reunion a few years ago. I'd like to have seen her and brought up the time she kneed my personals.

  • Yeah, that's not sexual assault.

  • In some states the legal term used is "sexual battery" which is, in fact, a form of sexual assault. Look it up........

  • Assault is not Battery. Sexual assault involves penetration - this would be indecent assault, not sexual.

  • You're talking about rape which is only one form of sexual assault. FYI, just touching a woman's breasts inappropriately is a legally defined form of "sexual battery" even if, clearly, no penetration was intended. If you don't think that the act of a 5' 10" and 170 pound 23 year old women driving her knee into my gentiles for shits and giggles, when I was drunk and in front of a house full of people, isn't a sexual assault than I don't know what else to say. Her intention was to degrade me sexually and that's exactly what she did. I hope you never have to learn about it the hard way.

  • *sigh* no, sexual assault requires penetration. Indecent assault would be grabbing a womans breasts etc.

    What you're describing is basic assault, there's no sexual content.

  • I would disagree - attacking testicles does have sexual content and that is why it is a preferred target and why it is done by women "for fun" with little or no provocation. Similar to a rape, they find it sexually arousing, enjoy that the victim has been humiliated, feel powerful, and enjoy the possibility of causing sexual dysfunction and permanent mental and emotional trauma. You will not hear women standing around in groups talking about "kicking a guy in the throat." You will hear them laughing and see them smirking about "kicking a guy in the balls."

  • It. Doesn't. Matter. It is NOT a sexual assault, get it through your head.

  • Amen!

  • Did it affect your mind too? What are you talking about? Why did it take years to "find out" that you were sexually assaulted?

  • The fact that I’m writing about something that happened to me 36 years ago means that it is still affecting my mind. I’ve never seen a shrink about this because that‘s not how I was raised to deal with my problems. I began doing online research about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and sexual assault about six years ago when it started making the news that some of our soldiers were coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD.

    If someone randomly attacks you and injures you badly enough to put you in the hospital and permanently disfigures you, than you’ll probably suffer from long term PTSD. If the attacker deliberately targets your sexual organs than it is a sexual assault. Although it probably doesn’t happen often, it is possible for a woman to inflict sexual violence on a guy.

  • Sadly, women injuring men's testicles is increasingly common. There are few or no legal consequences. Sexually assaultive women are often praised rather than punished and their victims are mocked. You might find these poll results informative:

  • Thanks for sharing. I'm not surprised by these poll results.
    When I was in high school, and then community college, I had a large circle of friends, more than half of whom were female. At parties, quite a few of these girls would talk or brag about kicking guys in the junk in mixed company. At a party this one girl booted a friend of mine right in the testicles simply because he was there and and because he was gay. She was wearing these shit kicker cowboy boots when she nailed him. She nearly killed this guy..... Over the years I can see where this attitude has just gotten worse.

  • Criminal sexual aggression is, I'm convinced, much more common among women than men. Male rapists are as rare as male bank robbers and murderers. They are not in my circle of friends and the men I know don't stand around laughing about raping and sexually mutilating women. Castration, sexual torture, and other psychopathic behavior, on the other hand, is a common topic among women who would otherwise be considered normal. The dynamics of testicular assaults are very similar to rape. The women who do this often describe themselves as "addicted" to it, they experience a rush of sexual arousal when they do it, and they enjoy their victim's humiliation and helplessness.

  • There is allot of truth to what you say here. Personally, I've never known a guy who was even accused of rape or who talked about rape like it was some kind of a joke. Although I've heard quite a few women laugh and brag about the guys they've kicked in the balls, even boyfriends.

    I this this attitude in our culture was started by Hollywood and the movie industry back in the early 1970's which ironically, at that time, was very male dominated. The message at that time was any guy who tried to rape deserved to be kicked in the balls (true) and any women who defended herself in that way was a heroine.

    However, buy the late 1970's the male dominated Hollywood message was broadened to say that any guy who crossed a women in the slightest way deserved a swift kick in the testicles, and for a woman to do this to some random guy was actually just harmless fun at his expense.

    This seems to be where we are today. There's a ridiculous scene in the comedy classic Blazing Saddles that illustrates exactly what I'm talking about. So here we have mainstream culture sending the message to women saying that sexually battering a guy for no reason is actually funny and harmless. Go figure?

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