I Know What You're Doing

You're buttering me up,so you'll always have access to my pussy.I could see past your chivalrous,nice treatment.I haven't forgotten that you told me you can't be in a relationship right now.I completely understand.I have suffered a broken heart in the past few days,so I can't be in a relationship for a long time.I'll try to be the sweet,caring,woman that you have come to know when you come visit,even though,I am terribly sad.It's only fair to you since you had proposed coming before I had the fiasco with my former lover.Right now,our arrangement seems great since we don't live in the same city.If I even suspect that you are having sex with someone else,then I will stop having sex with you.It wouldn't have anything to do with jealousy,but with courtesy.

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  • Not a speech....its a fact. as a former fucktard, I know as I have been there done that.

  • Sweetheart, the fucktard is probably married, and if he was "hott" enough to get into your panties, and living in another city, he has got to be fucking someone else. Drop the shitbrick like a bad transmission and masturbate for a while until you "get over him".

  • I've heard that speech before...

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