Besides Camping They Swing

I use to be an avid swinger. My wife talked me into it. When we divorced I kept on going to clubs and meeting swingers. I lost interest in swinging since I aged and became a retired senior. Not much activity for us old folks at the clubs or internet swing sites. I started to enjoy camping a lot. You can meet a lot of interesting people and friendly fellow campers.
I was camping at my favorite campground and was set up at my favorite site near the pond's edge with my 22 ft. pull along. The site next to me a big bus type camper pulled into it. I wondered how the guy so easily parked into the site. Then I learned from him he was a retired trucker and he and his wife was going cross country visiting various areas. We seemed to bond a bit.
That evening while I was sitting around my camp fire sipping wine, he came over with some of the left over dinner that his wife cooked and offered it to me. I offered him some of my wine and we sat around the camp fire and conversed. He invited me to join him and his wife into doing some hiking on the trails there the next day. The wife was pleasant looking, but a bit chubby which is normal for a woman at the age that we were. She was very friendly and held my hand now and then as we walked.
The both of them started to converse to me about my ex wife. I confessed to them that she was sexually open-minded and talked me into swinging. They openly told me they met each other at truck stop diner and began to have sex with each other. They got married and began wife swapping and doing bi. I admitted I did some bi activity at times, but not when I was married. My wife was open in doing bi stuff and seeing other women sucking her long tits turned me on. "Yeah, bi can intriguing. " they said as we walked the trail.
That evening I was invited to have dinner with them. Their camper was basically a house on wheels. For some reason her ass turned me on. She sat between me and her husband and began touching and feeling our groin area. I couldn't resist and started to put my hand on her breast. She lifted her top exposing her tits with thick fat nipples and her husband began to suck on the tit close to him. She put his hand on my stiff dick and he began rubbing it. I undid my pants so he could play with my dick. She too began to play with my dick as she began to kiss me. I slipped my hand inside her pantie feeling her nest and putting fingers in her. She decided we should bare all. We undressed and groped. I haven't had a woman for some time and seeing her tubby belly and thick nipple tits out in the open caused me to slap my stiff rod all over her, even her ass. She grabbed her husband's dick and began sucking it while I tried to doggy bang her. Her husband went down under her letting his wife to continue sucking his cock while he licked her juices off my cock. The wife stopped blowing her husband and let him blow me as she watched and played with her clit.
She told me she wanted to see me take her husband's dick deep in my mouth. She pushed my head into him and said, "Suck that cock! " as she held my head and squeezed my balls, causing me to let cum drip out as her husband leaked cum in my mouth.
It was a wild night. The next several days wasn't camping days but swinging days. We screwed and gave his wife a bukkake to please her also she wanted both of her holes filled with our dicks.
The day they left, the wife kissed me wildly and passionately while holding on my dick. " Thank-you! " and flashed her thick nipples tits for me to remember her by.

1 month ago

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