My First Girl Experience & Loved It!

I am 32, professional career woman and now very bi although i could easily be a lesbian...

so i never had any inclinations to ever experiment and when i did hear my girl friends talking about having an orgasm by an experienced woman and how amazing it was at home get together's or parties, i would just either tune it out or say to myself that "its really not for me n a man does me just fine." that was up until about 6 months ago and the funny thing is it happened so freaky krazy fast, i never expected it or saw it remotely coming in the near distance enough to know i was going to experience it. that was until it happened my first time after a night of drinking with friends. so ya long story short-- i have this long term friend i met in college and now i work with (she is 37)-- she invited me to a summer party at her nieces home who was graduating from college. she was so proud so she promised to organize the party we both attended. so we all started drinking and having a great time talking and after the 4th round of drinks, that when the rest is pretty much a blurr... so needless to say i was feeling quite tipsy and the whole occasion (at least from my perspective)turned all of its attention to me and basically my body that ended up being the center of attention in the back seat of my friends SUV! my jeans n thong were tugged totally off (omg she was a strong girl in the moment) n round one of my legs so i was totally vulnerable with my pussy wide open. the next thing i realized in the dark was that i was then spread wide open by smooth probing fingers n getting my pussy licked soooooo flipping good n hard fast yet so amazingly soft by some slightly butch femme (but a still very sexy hot woman) with her huge breasts hanging out all over me on the express way at 2 a.m. n cumming all over the backseat and all over her face totally plowed and being plowed while my friend drove me home with this older woman i met briefly and was introduced by my friend beforehand and said she was from Nebraska to also see her niece grad and shared a drink or 2 with funny conversation that led to more serious questions and answers that i have no idea what i said but it must have been the right answers cuz she kept telling me i had pretty eyes or something like that... so then as if i couldn't take anymore from this mystery lady while she persistenly kept up her amazing lapping rhythm all over my pussy-- we pulled up in my driveway drunk half naked and thank god i live in a town home so the back drive is very private and facing the backyard trees fenced in... so as they both quickly helped to cover me while i practically stumbled to get to the sliding back door to unlock it, before i had anymore say over my body-- my friend (never knew she was this way or would ever touch me like that) then made a pass at me with her fingers going right up my sopping wet pussy. so for the next hour or so while i tried to stay awake from the large amount of alcohol i consumed earlier and all the horney excitement, i tried to keep up with both of them taking turns finger screwing n licking me everywhere on my sofa back and forth with toys someone must have had handy (cuz mine were still in my secret spot) and were using them masterfully on me. needless to say--i passed out from all of the cumming i mostly had from that amazing mystery lady from Nebraska who really had this thing for finger fucking my asshole while licking my clitty off good multiple times then plugging my pussy with a hard dildo until i begged her to stop cuz my pussy muscles could take no more... btw felt so flipping good and would never have thought having a dildo in my pussy and fingers up my backside going at me at the same time would have given that much pleasure but omfg it did--that is-- until the next morning...

so i woke up the next morning on the sofa where they left me so sore but very happy;-) and after that experience to be honest-- i have never felt the same since unless its with a woman going down on me...

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  • Damn i'd eat your pussy and your ass

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