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We have been married for about two years now and while joking around about fantasies my husband asked what I thought about a threesome. I told him that it would have to be with another woman because more then one man is just to much work for me. He asked me if I had any experience with that and I told him yes I do and he pushed me to go on and tell him about it. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to hear about it and he told me yes again so I went on with it.
I told him that back in college most weekends I could be found in a certain frat house bedroom with multiple guys having a great time, I told him I loved it back then but sometimes it was quite exhausting. I told him the hardest part was that men always want to have their cocks doing something so quite often I was not only sucking on one but there would be another one in one of my hands and another in me. They also love to touch so while all of that is going on my boobs and nipples were getting touched and pulled on or sucked on, I told him don't get the wrong idea I wanted all of it but sometimes it was a little bit tough to have an orgasm with all of that going on.
He was smiling at me but I could see the wheels turning around in his head and his next question sort of surprised me. He asked me how many men I have been with, what is your number? I smiled at him and told him I have no idea, probably over a hundred. I told him that I remember one party where my girlfriend and I sucked off well over thirty guys during the night. I remember that night because I was having my period and told them that all I could do was hand or blow jobs and I took off my top so I would not get anything on it. I could tell that he was starting to regret asking me about this but he also loves me for who I am so he kept on going with a few more questions then I told him let's go down to the fun bar we found on the ship and pick up a woman. He looked at me with wide eyes and I told him that another thing we never talked about is that I am bi sexual. He laughed at that one and told me I am a dream come true.

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  • When I had threeaomes in college the guys were just too rough and too eager to cum. They’d just pump hard and fast then get off and the next one would get on. It wasn’t very fun for me back then. Glad you enjoyed it. I did it four times with different partners and every time it was the same! Sucking, getting pounded, then it’s over. Not much pleasure for me. One thing I did like was two guys sucking my nipples at the same time, four hands all over me, one guy going down on me and the other in my mouth or kissing me. And of course, one in my mouth and one inside me. But it always was as if they were racing to finish.

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