Prison Guard Buddy Records Rape and Abuse for Fun

I guy I've known since high school, Mark, is a CO at a state prison nearby. He's also a neighbor. At a party he had not too long ago, he showed a group of us recordings he too with his phone of young men being sexually abused. He says that agreed to have sex for protection so it's not rape. But the victims all looked under 25, where slim and white but not gay. They struggled, screamed begged and cried. I was shocked to discover I was about halfway horrified and halfway aroused. That's when after the other guys left, he took me downstairs and showed me whit's pretty much a home made prison cell with a naked young man laying in the floor. His name is Nick, he's 20 and Mark had him list his parole as his bother's house but made the kid his sex slave. The was raped in prison and now Mark has him to the point where he does whatever he is ordered. He shakes and cries but does it. I watched Mark rape him. I'm shocked but have done nothing.



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  • The basement thing bothers me to no end! I was picked on back in middle school by a group of kids the ring leader was the worse. I was the tall fat ass awkward kid taking all kinds of shit from them. I got sent to a juvenile type prison when I was 13 for setting fires. There I was beaten badly sent to hospital when I got back I was punched by one of the punks in jail. A flash came over me and all I remembered was grabbing this kid body slamming him over and over till the guards took me down. I went to solitary and when I got back to general population people didn’t fuck with me. I started working out and lost fat and gained muscle. In jail I got mean and the need for sex took over I raped guys in jail. While it was a pleasure release it was also a way to take someone’s power away and fuel my own power inside. I got out when I was 16 1/2 years old the local school wouldn’t accept me saying I was a risk to the other students. Continue

  • I never went back and got a job and hung out around town seeing people I grew up with. Nobody recognize me we was all older and our faces and bodies exspecially mine had dramatically changed. But looking across the check out line into the line beside me was Dave W. That mother fucker who made life hell for me he had a letterman jacket on and a smug smirk on his face. As he walked by I left the things I was going to by and followed him. He was opening his car door and I said your Dave W. He didn’t recognize me and I could tell I intimidated him. Yeah do I know you buddy he asked me. I smirked and said for one thing I’m not your buddy and yeah I know who the fuck you are. I moved in quick grabbing him by the throat and punching his face knocking him out. My signature move of hoisting someone over my head slamming them on the ground. I was about to kick him in the head when a little 30 year oldish lady screamed at me that I was killing him. I think since she was very hot and little she stunned me for a minute. I got my composure and quickly turned away so she couldn’t see my face. But at 6’5” and 280 lbs I’m pretty distinctive as I ran away hearing her screaming. I left town and a few weeks later stalked Dave to a isolated area when he noticed me tears filled his eyes. He kept asking who are you I beat him removing his clothing and jack hammering him up the his ass. He screamed and cried as I raped him taking away his dignity and sanity. I laughed and resisted telling him who I was I raped him over and over knocking him out over and over. In the local paper it read he was assulted by multiple males never reporting he was raped. I had moved out of the county the same day I fucked him up returning late one nigh posting papers that said he was raped. Didn’t know anyone to get the story’s that went around just knew when I read he committed suicide I was why. I never laughed so hard when I read he hung himself wonder if his little pecker was in his hand thinking of me lol

  • My brother in law worked at a women’s prison for several years but found a different job. I asked him if it was a high stress job and he told me that was not really it, he told me he had seen to many women used for sex by everyone, he had managed to keep himself from doing it but on several occasions he had seen his coworkers just using the women anyway they wanted. He also told me there was this one female guard that would make women go down on her to get out of being punished. He just figured it was all going to blow up one day and he did not want to be there when it happened.

  • No let him get rape ha ha!

  • You better call the police. Do the right thing, have courage. Your ip adress is recorded from this posting and you will be traced. Do it or go to jail for a very long time in which case you'll be the one being raped and tortured for a very long time.

  • You do understand that "having sex for protection" from anything in jail is still rape - being coerced into consent is no different than out right rape. Your friend should be in jail if he is allowing this kind of evil stuff to happen.
    You must report his to the police - anonymously is OK.

  • Dude i beg of you please please PLEASE call the police. No one should be subject to that type of torture. Imagine if you were that guy of he was your brother or cousin or even your son. That's really messed up and disturbing. I beg of you one human being to another human being please do the right thing before it destroys you from the inside. For your best interest and that poor guys along with other vulnerable guys out there please tell the authorities.

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