My letter to every chef ever

To all you "master chefs" out there:

Well you're FUCKED! Cause... you realize that all that beautiful, delicious food you make, that you (hopefully not iterally) put all your blood, sweat and tears into... well... guess what! It all turns into shit! That's right, a painter paints a painting and it lasts forever, a musisan records a song and it lasts forever, but what about you? No, everything you create becomes SHIT within a day! Poop! In the toilet, flush, gone forever!

Hahaha, how's it feel to have such a pointless role in the world!? To know that everything you create turns into shit!? Cause after it all goes down the digestive tract, that wedding cake you slaved over or that special cavior becomes no different from big mac! It all becomes SHIT!!!

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  • I knew a hot woman who was a chef at a...national chain restaurant.. Told me if she was in a mood or didn't feel appreciated, she'd chip her nail polish into food as she made it, mix it into soups or chili, or drip Visine into either. I did observe her doing the nail polish chipping thing into draft beer when she was serving one day instead of cooking. Was her way of getting back at people.

  • Lol that is so funny

  • But chefs can make money while artists are usually left poor on the streets.

  • Bullshit you obviously have never worked in the industry, horrendous hours, fuck all pay, no benefits, no pension, hot as all hell, asshole owners etc etc

  • My laugh for today, and tomorrow.

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