Panty Sniffing Young Step Daughters Knickers and Now Hotel Guest

I first started to sniff panties when I met my wife. She had children when I met her, two daughters aged 12 and 13. I never set out to start sniffing on their panties but I was at home alone one day, beating off in the bathroom mirror when I noticed a pair of little white panties in the washing basket. I was so fucking horny that I just picked them up and smelled the pussy part.

Oh my fucking God! Mmmmm, the sweet angel smell made my cock go hard like a teenager again. I couldn't believe how nice it smelled. It made me cum so fucking good, I was rubbing her sweet pussy angel into my nose and wishing she was grinding on my face while my cock exploded and my cum nearly hit the ceiling!

Ever since that, I'd take every opportunity to get into the dirty washing when nobody was home. The weird thing is that just one of the girls smelled that good and the other didn't do it for me but I've wanked off with her panties in my face for years now. She's 20 now and she still smells amazing!

Recently, I've taken a job as a cleaner in an hotel and boy oh boy, I'm having a blast with the dirty knickers they leave lying all over. The guests tend to be young couples with children and I have a particular taste for teenage pussy juice but I like to smell the ladies too. I go into their rooms and the first thing I do is hunt out the soiled panties and sniff them. Not all of them get me hard but some of them smell fucking amazing (instant rock hard material). So nice!


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  • Nothing hotter than smelling a teenage pussy juice on a pair of knickers.. Especially when it's against their knowledge.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I always sniff my daughters knickers makes me cum so quick and I feel such a dirty bastard whilst doing it.

  • Don’t listen to these lames, your absolutely right there is nothing better than sniffing panties of a beautiful little teen girl, nothing makes me harder. Better than touching them and possibly ruining there lives. We both get to be happy! And those hotel guests know cleaning people are gonna come in there room if they didn’t want you touch those little girls panties they wouldn’t leave them lying around... so cheers mate! Your doing the right thing!

  • Pedophiles fiddle with kids, but smelling teenagers panties is not being a pedo :)

  • You fucking Britts are so fucking disgusting. You fucking pedophilic jump off a cliff and die.

  • Too young

  • Creep.

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