I use to give my sister baths

I remember the very first time. My sister hollered from the bathroom that she had forgotten to get a washcloth. I was about 15at the time. That would have made her 19. I went to the linen closet and got the washcloth and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I opened the door just far enough to get my arm in and held out the washcloth. My sister giggled and said I can’t reach it clear over there silly. So I pushed the door open and walked in. My gorgeous big sister was sitting naked in the tub. The soapy water was up around her waist. Her beautiful big firm tits were hanging from her chest. She didn’t make a move to cover them up. I stared at her boobs. Her areolas were huge and her nipples must have stuck out an inch. I wordlessly held out the washcloth and she smiled at me and asked do you like my tits. I nodded and she said do you want to wash them. Well she let me wash her breasts and told me next time maybe she would let me do more. Next time turned out to be a week later when we were the only ones home. We were watching tv and she stood up and said I’m taking a bath and then added if you want to help. I sat there a couple of minutes screwing up my courage and then followed her. She was just stepping into the tub when I walked in. Her bare ass was smooth and shapely. She told me to let her wash her face first which she did then handed me the washcloth. I washed her entire upper body and then she held up a leg and I washed it and then the other. Then she sat up on her knees. I didn’t know what to do until she grabbed my hand with the cloth in it and guided it between her legs. Then sh guided it behind her and I washed her ass. When we were done s he e stood up and let me dry her off. We did this once every week or two for the rest of the summer until she left for college. My Dick still gets hard when I think about it.

24 days
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    • Never got to play with my sister's tits but used to spy on her.

    • I can relate, when I was little I'd play in the attic and I'd found a place where I could see down into my sisters room. I'd watch her change clothes as well as on occasion see her friends change and even saw my sister have sex with her boyfriends and a couple of her female friends. Sometimes I'd jerk off as I watched. One day I was snooping around in her room and checked out a spot I'd seen her hide things. I found condoms, a CPL of sex toys and some pictures taken at the lake of her in a tiny bikini that barely covered anything, especially her tits. In most of them her tits were all but totally hanging out of the skimpy top. There were several like that so I took a couple figuring she wouldn't notice.

      One day when I thought I was home alone I was in my room on the bed jerking off looking at my sisters picture. All of a sudden I realized I wasn't alone as my sister was standing there watching. She wasn't bothered by my jerking off, but was pissed when she saw the pictures. She wasn't bothered that I was perving over her, but that I'd been sneaking around in her room. But she quickly got past that and commented about how big my cock was and I think it actually got her hot seeing that I was turned on by her body. She asked what I fantasized about while looking at he pictures? I was reluctant at first but finally confessed that I imagined I was feeling of her tits and sucking on them and that she was sucking my cock. To my surprise she pulled her top off showing me her tits then let me fondle them a while and finally put them in my face to suck on them, the whole time she was stroking my cock.

      Then she slid her shorts off and was naked and she started sucking my cock until I shot off in her mouth. For the next 2 years we had sex every time we were home alone, until she left for college. Around the same time I'd started dating.


    • Sounds like me and my brother. He watches me shower and jerks off while I play my pussy with my tits pressed against the shower door

    • You should ask him to join you, nothing hotter than coming out of the shower dirtier than when you went in.

    • Did you get hard? If so, did she offer any relief?

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