Lady Methodist Pastor

I haven’t had a husband in over 13 years. When we were together we were very active sexually. I still have the same needs but I temper them.
A young man was in my office with his girlfriend. We were simply chatting as I worked. At one point he was leaning forward pressing his thighs against the edge of my desk as he looked at some paper weights and such. I kept my head down but could not help noticing his bulge through his thin athletic shorts. I’m quite sure he was not erect but was large. I could see he was partially circumcised by the line of his foreskin stretched tightly across the head of his penis. His testes were large also. High and tight with one a bit lower than the other.
I have no desire for this boy but his genitalia stays in my mind. I have gently touched myself pretending it is him or someone like him. I always stop short because of guilt.
I need a different fantasy in order to forget this image.

11 days ago

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    • Father Guido
      For a better fantasy try imagining a much, much younger cock and a smooth bottom.

    • Describing yourself?

    • Lady Pastors and Pastors wives with wide dimply rear ends are the bomb.

    • Can we talk alone? I’m in need of attention.

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