My husband of 3 years & I decided we want to get pregnant. He’d been having libido issues until recently when we both decided to spice things up with an exciting every day/afterwork routine, one that keeps him happy and me full of cum.. and hopefully soon.. pregnant.
He expressed to me that he’s mostly horny after work, especially after hard days on the job. He works in construction and I work weekends… so most days it’s difficult for us to find the time. In response to this I wondered if me being ready to receive his cock as soon as he gets home would help & to my surprise he said “yes!”
So everyday for the last month, like clockwork, around 5:30 I get my pussy nice and soaking wet so he can bury his throbbing cock into me as soon as he gets home.
I put a robe on & rub myself until I’m drenched, while also adding lubricant so my tight hole is super slippery for him. I take everything off. And slide my ass to the edge of the bed & sometimes I even tie my legs apart so I’m nice & spread for him. Sometimes I make myself cum a few times before he gets home so my cervix is open & ready for his sperm. Once I hear the door open I know he’s ready for my pussy, as he sits in his truck and pumps himself until he’s nice & hard for me. Then he Finds me in the bedroom, at the end of the bed, legs spread wide and pussy ready to receive him. and upon seeing me spread for him he immediately buries his hard throbbing hard cock into me. It makes him feral seeing me ready for him. I let him fuck me as hard as he wants, balls slapping my ass, until he spills himself inside of me nice and deep. Grabbing my shoulders to pull me harder onto his vibrating cock as he fills me. Him moaning while his cock pulsates into my tiny slippery cunt is my favorite part. Face and hands all over me still dirty from a day of work. The smell of pure testosterone and desire for my body and pure need to cum inside me.. Mmmm then I suck him clean and then he goes and eats the dinner I made him. I don’t get up though, I wait with his cum filled inside me until he’s done and he fucks me again, spilling into me a second time, this time my mouth or hole of his choosing. It’s been an amazing kink now, around 4 o’clock .. sometimes I find myself already getting wet just thinking about it.
we’ll probably continue this for a while even when he’s already gotten me good & pregnant from all the loads he dumps into my cunt everyday.
It’s even strengthened our relationship because we love it so much.

Aug 7
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    • Hot! Let us know when you’re pregnant.

    • I am now pregnant actually! I could kinda tell I was a few days ago by the way my pussy was creaming on his cock and how tender my breasts were in his mouth- that my body had taken his seed. I’m even hornier now. My pussy is almost more wet and my walls are fluffier around his cock. We love it!

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