Female boss\manager\employer foot worship

most women who are boss in their workplace make some trustful worker massage their feet, but from now on listen to me and when she ask you to do that just ask her if you can kiss and lick them, tell that you would gladly do that

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  • Man, I'm telling you what.... fucking women bosses are the worst for doing sexual harassment. Women want to bitch about men and do all this metoo shit. Try being a man working for a woman. Seriously, I had this woman boss one time who kept after me about doing everything she asked with no questions. She tells me one day that I need to massage her back. I think this is crazy but do it anyway. Next day she asked the same, and then again the next day. After a few weeks of this she asked me to come in on a Sunday for some special project. I get there and she's laying on floor in her office. She tells me to massage her back. So I start rubbing her. Next thing I know she's got her shirt off, then her bra off. She hiked up her skirt and see she has no panties on. She demanded I give her a full body massage. I tell her we probably shouldn't be doing this but she tells me I'm fired if i don't. I try the whole "I'll go to HR on you" but she just laughed. She asked if i thought anyone would actually believe that a woman sexually harassed a man. She finally made me have sex with her right there on the floor. I found a new job shortly after that. Women bosses are evil bitches. I'll never work for another woman in my life.

  • Infact as i said if i were you i would ask her if i could also lick her feet

  • Dude, I am married and had no interest in cheating on my wife, but I needed a job. My wife is a hard 10, my boss woman was older at the time, 40+ and was a bitch. Trust me, I had no interest in having sex with her. Not everything is about feet. I know that's your kink, but not mine.

  • Yup , of course it can't be your kink , it can be a kink for those who aren't married and want to be single with a kinky sexuality , of course i understand that don't worry and i am sorry for this , this kind of things must happen only to people like me since we can take advantage of it :D

  • And since this site is anonymous i hope that even a female boss would confess this in the comments since i like this kind of stuff :D

  • Well if you don't like that then you did the right thing , as for me it is a matter of enjoy some foot worship with a female boss in tranquility and nothing more than that :D , what i would do in your place would be to negotiate you to become only her foot worshiper instead of do all that ;)

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