Husband likes nieces undies

Hi our niece has been staying with us while her parents are on holiday. She is very cute, small pert boobs, tight bum and long legs.
I came home from work early to find my husband laying naked on her bed slowly stroking his very hard cock while sniffing a pair of our Niece's Nicola's dirty panties. He was taking deep sniffs and moaning. Let Uncle Terry lick your tight little canny baby.
Well I was so shocked. I thought that I would be angry but I was so aroused by what I saw.
I walked in and said. Oh what a naughty Uncle, for sniffing his little nieces dirty panties.
He was so embarrassed and tried to hide her dirty bright pink lace thong
Mmm does my pushy smell nice Uncle I teased.
I laughed and the called him a perverted little panty sniffer.
I have always known about his fetishism for dirty panties and he has wankednoffnin front of me while sniffing on a pair of my dirty panties hundreds of times. He likes to watch me mazturbatebthrough them making myself cut into them making them very wet and sticky. I then take them off and give them to him and tell him to lick them clean while he jerks off.
I bet they smell nice don't they I asked hum as I picked up our nieces dirty panties.
How many times have you sniffed her dirty panties I asked. And be truthful with me I said. I am not angry with you. You dirty perv.
He said they smell lovely, nice and musky and sweaty.
He confessed that he had sniffed her dirty panties hundreds of times.
And every day since she had been staying with us.
I held her gusset up to my nose and took a sniff of her crispy juices. OMG I said they do smell good don't they.
I could feel my own panties getting wet. I have a treat for you I said and slipped off my wet panties and handed them to .y husband her sniff these fresh and creamy pair. He wanted no time at all and buried his nose in my creamy crotch and took a deep sniff.
Mmm he moaned I just love the way your pushy smells and tastes. So much.
I then slipped on my nieces dirty panties and straddled my husband. I started to rub my pushy through our noeces dirty panties and started to talk dirty to my husband. Lick my wet pushy Uncle Terry. Sick my clit until I cut all over your face.
I then sat right down over his face. And told him to sniff Nicolas dirty panties.
Imagine you are licking her little cunt for real. Can you taste her little pussy.
I pulled her panties to the side and told him to tongue fuck me.I came in seconds really gushing cum all over his face.
I started to walk him off with my dirty panties and it only took a few strokes and he shot his load all over my panties. As he was cumming he slipped his nose right inside my wet cunt and took a deep sniff.
Mmmm was all I heard.
I then took off Nicola's dirty and ery wet panties and started to sniff them as I fingered myself just above my husbands face. I was dribbling pussy juice all over his face.
I had a massive cum.
Know I also love the smell of our nieces tight wet little cunny from her dirty panties. I wonder if we both can taste her for real?

Aug 7
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    • So much panty sniffing, got my dick hard

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