Shocked but loved it

One thing I love is to be woken up by my wife sucking me off or playing with my dick. I'll have dreams about it and wake up to her mouth around my cock. She k own I love it so it isn't rape if you want it. Last night I had a dream, very vivid that she was lubing me up to fuck me with a strapon. All of a sudden I woke up to a pain in my backside. I was tied to the bed and she had lubed and inserted a strapon into my ass amd was slowly fucking me. What a way to wake up, after thr initial shock, I met her thrusts with mine! She fucked me until her strapon made her cum and she collapsed on me, dildonstill deep inside. I twisted my hips and fucked against the blanket under me until I came all over the bed and myself. She just layer there and fell asleep while still in me. I just relaxed as much as I could tied up with a strapon in my ass and went back to sleep. A few hours passed and she woke me up again fucking my ass. I don't know if she ever pulled out. She came again and finally pulled out of me. She released one side of my restraints and started jacking me off. When i came she collected the cum with her hand and shived it in my mkuth and wiped it all over my face. She untied me and told me to get cleaned up, she had to be somewhere.... I have the absolute best wife ever as she does shit like this often. Well be in the supermarket, she'll turn towards a shelf, stick her hand in her pussy and rub it on my upper lip, making me freaking hard the entire time. How did I get this lucky???!!! So many crazy things she does. She is just as horny as I am and comes up with new things all the time!

Aug 7
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    • Lucky man!

    • It's crazy what a woman can get a guy to do my wife started playing with my ass when she was sucking my cock and it drove me crazy and she knew it. Then fingering my ass and working up to a dildo it was all in fun between us and it did feel good. Then one night she went into the bathroom and came out wearing a strapon it looked like a real cock big black and 8 inches long and she walked over to me and said suck my dick and started fucking my mouth with it making me gag on it. Then she told me to get on my hands and knees and she got behind me and pushed that strapon into my ass a little at a time grabbing my hips and pulling me back to her. I felt so feminine and submissive with her and she fucked me for a long time I eventually had a hands free orgasm from her fucking my ass afterwards she said that now I know what it's like being fucked like a woman. She's been fucking me two and three times a week now. She's thinking about getting a bigger strapon for me.

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