Anybody hook up on Looks like more and more people are using it. I'm from Topeka. Share your stories or desires. Turns me on.

Aug 7
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    • I heard about Sniffies. I went on and totally hooked up with this sexy older man. I went to his condo got naked with him and we had sex. It feels great to hook up with like minded guys. I’m “straight” lol I just love to bottom and please older guys lol
      We are all looking to get off and Sniffies has slowed me to hook up a lot easier. I’m married and can’t host. I can usually find a guy quickly to stop by and have some fun with. Or guys I have already met on there. I just use the free version too.

    • That's hot 🔥🔥🔥. Thanks for sharing. If your ever in Kansas, I like to play. Look me up on Showitoff. Org.. Kansaswillyk

    • I just turned 18 and met a sexy 58 yo guy on there last Friday.

    • Omg I want to play with an 18 yr old so bad!!!!

    • I go on there all the time. I haven’t met up with anyone yet, but want to. I am concerned about how alot of the guys don’t care about diseases do that has alot to do with it. When I finally do meet up, I will probably blow the biggest load of my life. I know I’m bi.

    • Sometimes just meeting someone and jerking each other off is so hot. And it's safe. Always feels good to have another man rubbing your cock. A man does it so much better than a woman. That's what I want. Op

    • I do a lot of flirting on there. So far that’s enough. The guilt that comes with cheating is enough to keep me from going further. First time I’ve had any gay interaction locally since Craig’s list

    • What if we just masturbate together. Maybe touch each other?
      Original poster

    • Oh dude I’d love that. But almost certain I could never keep it just that. I’d be sucking your cock before we hardly got started.

    • Mmmmmnnn I wont stop you.

    • Got me hard thinking about it

    • Yes…. About two months ago I saw Sniffies mentioned in a post. I was curious and decided to try it. The first couple times t surfed the various guys wanting to hook up. I chatted with a few… got excited and JO because I was nervous about hooking up. A few days ago I saw a beautiful cock and all I could think of was getting it in my mouth. I made contact, he was hosting, I put my fears aside and went to his house. He answered the door and before allowing me in asked several questions. Once he was assured I was legit and not a cop, he let me in. We talked a bit more and he asked me what I was into. Oral was all I wanted and he was good with that. Finally he said less have some fun and told me to strip down, but leave me underwear on. I did and he did the same. Then he made me say what I wanted I said I wanted to suck his cock… he made me say it again and I repeated it. Now he told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl to him… he was standing up. I was a bit humiliated and excited at the same time. He told me to remove his underwear while still on all fours. I used my mouth to pull down his shorts. It took a while because I pulled on the front, then the side and even the back. When his shorts hit the floor he stepped out of them and was inches from my face. He was uncircumcised and the tip of his cock was just peaking out as he got hard. It was even more beautiful that the picture. He asked me again what I wanted. I wasso excited I could hardly speak… he said open my mouth…. Then he pushed his cock in and held the back of my head. He gently rocked as I ducked. For at least 20 minutes he continued to fuck my mouth and then he said daddy has your reward. With that my mouth was full of his warm cum. I didn’t plan to swallow but he still had my head in his hands. I swallowed once… twice… three times. He told me to get up and get dressed and leave. He said o did ok and he would let me k ow when I could suck his cock again. I’m waiting….

    • That's fucking HOT! Thank you. Made my cock hard as fuck.
      Original poster

    • Glad you liked my experience. UPDATE: I was on Sniffles after I posted the message and he was on line. I started chatting with him and asked him if I had pleased him. He said I did a good job but he had another guy who did better. I asked him what the other guy did that I didn’t. He said he made him cum twice and I left to early. I begged for a second chance. He told me he.already had an appointment to get his cock sucked, but I could come the next day (yesterday). When I arrived he answered the door in his underwear I immediately put my hand on his semihard cock and led him to the bedroom. I took control and told him to lay on his back in the bed. Before removing his underwear I licked and nibbled his rising cock. When I tasted the pre-cum, I pulled back and told him it was too early and I wouldn’t do any more until he relaxed. A few minutes passed and I said okay you did what I asked and I pulled his underwear partially down. The head of his cock was exposed and I used my fingernails to lightly stroke the head and shaft. I saw some precum glistening at the top and I licked it off. He moaned and asked to to suck. I told him it was too soon. I made him to stand up and remove his underwear. I licked his cock and told him how good it tasters. I told him he was not allowed to cum. I went into the bathroom and got a cold washcloth. I wrapped it around his cock and waited until he was soft. Then I too his cock in my warm mouth and sucked it back to life. Once I hand him fully erect, I used the cold washcloth to make him soft. I did that three more times. Finally I said you can cum. I held his cock in my hand squeezed his cock and took it in my mouth as he let the first wave fly. I squeezed his cock harder and delayed the second wave. He was moaning and as I released my grip he exploded in my mouth. I licked him clean, got up and as I was leaving I said if it’s done right the first time, no need for a second. Let’s see if he invites me back.

    • Omg do this to me!!!!! Op

    • I would love to. Now that I have gotten a taste of being dominant I can’t wait to do it again and develop new scenarios. Maybe I’ll get my submissive partner on the brink of cumming, stop him… make him get on all fours, call me daddy and suck me until I cum. Then I will lay Jim back on the bed, get between his legs and give him the best blow job ever

    • My first time was the same. I wasn’t sure if I’d let him cum in my mouth or not. But when the moment came I didn’t hesitate. I wanted it so bad I swallowed every drop. I’d rather suck cock than eat pussy any day.

    • Mmmmmnnnnn yes!

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