If you read much Erotic Porn you've most likely ran across Literotica. You'll find well written, very thougjt out erotic porn stories. I have this fetish. I love creampies i make with my wife. On of my favorite authors is CPLuver on there. He wrote a story where they were going to trick a friend at a party by having all the guys cum in a glass left in the bathroom. He and his wife concocted this plan. When all the guys had cum, she took the cum and mixed it in "her" drink and brought out drinks for everyone. She handed out the drinks but switched the girls glass with her husband's. He ended up drinking all the guys cum from the drink instead of her. The wife and girl were in on it because the husband refused to touch or kiss her after he nutted in her. He enjoyed the drink and asked for another. This is when the wife told him what she did. This made him really horny and he ended up drinking another round of cum without the mixer from the guys at the party.

Where am I going with this??? I concocted a plan! I left this story up one evening, knowing my wife would look to see if she could find what I've been reading. (She did) but didn't say anything about it. She knows I love to eat her creampies I make, so she concocted a plan. (Pun intended)

We had a super bowl party planned and about 30 of my buddies were coming over to watch the game in our theater. My wife and a few if her girlfriends (the guys wifes) were hosting and bringing us drinks and snacks. Half time my wife brought in drinks for us. She handed them out and we cheered each other on as we downed our drinks. I downed mine and it tasted weird. My mind went crazy, had she read the story, was I drinking a mixed drink full of cum? The guys cheered extra loud as I drank mine. I was intrigued to know but embarrassed to say anything in front of their wives or them. Or were they in on it. When the game started back, I got up to go to the bathroom and my wife cornered me in the hallway. She asked, how was that drink? I said, what to play dumb. She said your drink, did you like it? I read your story, you just drank all of your buddies cum. How was it? I just acted shocked and said I knew it tasted weird. I also got really hard as we talked. She said they were making me another one in the guest bathroom. She then asked, are you mad? I picked her up and took her in the bedroom where we fucked like we were 18 again. After I came in her, I cleaned it all out as well. We got cleaned up and rejoined the party. One of my buddies wives said, I've made another round of drinks for everyone. I snatched mine out of her hand as she handed it to me and gulped it down making eye contact with each and every guy in the room with a look of, I know. My wife asked if this was better than the first one. I replied, better? I could drink these all night. My wife said there's definitely more where that came from! Most couples stayed the night as we all had quite a bit to drink. My wife and I went to bed along with the rest. About 30 minutes went by and I heard a knock on the bedroom door. It was J...ica saying she had something for me. My wife just responded, scoot down on the bed and get ready! J...ica got on thr bed and straddled my face. When she did, a huge load of cum came rushing into my mouth and on my face. Her pussy was covered in cum and she was as full as the shots I drank earlier. All the men staying over fucked her and she brought me their cum.

The night ended with me cumming in J..ica and eating my creampie from her. After this evening our parties were filled with sex and me getting my fill of cum. I also get surprises now and then, their will be a doorbell ring and it will be one of my buddies wives saying, I have a surprise for you. It's always a pussy full of cum for me to enjoy.

I've never got any straight from the cock but wouldn't be opposed. My wife and I are content with how I get my fill of cum so unless something changes, I'll just remain the Cumlover I am. She even had underwear made that say cumlover that I have to wear during our parties. So for the author CPLuver, I thank you for this idea and I'm so glad I left the story up for my wife to read! -Cumlover

Aug 7
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