Saw her naked

I'm twenty bought my first house in a old military base housing neighborhood. I have a girlfriend. We are both in college.
I go to school part time working forty hours a week as a sports editor. I has played sports until I had destroyed my left knee.
Nice neighborhood cool neighbors.
Speaking of neighbors Paul and Gwendolyn aka just Gwen. Super cool both 35 two kids average family next door.
I heard some noise from my neighbors back yard about a month ago. I looked over the fence and saw Gwen my neighbors wife nude.
I had never really thought of Gwen in a sexually explicit light before now.
She has one of those naturally beautiful faces elegant and stunning with a constant happy glow. Pale Alabaster skin tone light red hair with some dark red mixed in. She is a little thick slightly chubby. Between the full moon and street lights I could see every curve body mark tattoo on her body. She had my dick hard in my shorts. Her body was more then alluring shapely delicate full a little chubby but toned. Incredibly sexy legs a little bubble butt little dip and curve in the small of her back. Small little tapered shoulders big I mean big still firm up turned boots with large areolas. Big pink dome-shaped nipples. A slightly pudgy round belly bleeding right to her white hips and her well trimmed pubic hair.
A few days later me and Paul were hanging out having a drink. I admitted to him I had saw his wife naked by there pool. I didn't mention watching her for a couple minutes.
We were both buzzed watching baseball had some pizza and drinks. At this point more drinks then pizza. Paul doesn't say much about it he just asked me. Well what did you think of her is she hot?
I paid her a good compliment in fact I paid three compliments but didn't say anything vulgar.
For about a week Gwen was shy around me including the occasional blush. It was clear that Paul had filled Gwen in on what I had seen and our conversation about it. Things got back to normal every now and then I would notice Gwen checking me out with the head to toe glance on me.
Once a week me and Caroline my gf would hang out Paul and Gwen.
My only day I have off I have the house to myself. No school no work nothing just zen time. My girlfriend may or may not stop by but she is not off from school and her part time job until 7pm.
I had just woken up I had a huge morning wood took care of it. Nice morning piss and shower just as I'm about to make breakfast a knock at my door.
It's Gwen the living room set she ordered is on its way wanting a little help removing the loveseat and armchair.
She looks incredible in a black mid thight summer dress and leather sandals little brown leather straps stopping above her ankles. Firm toned smooth legs shapely hips butt and huge boobs braless. I'm still in my pj's plaid pants old tee shirt .
I invite her in and step into my ro6om to change my clothes. We talk between rooms.
We move her loveseat and easy chair. She is Naturally seductive in a lot of ways but she is trying to be a little cute. Flirty but not completely blunt about it. A lot of body language. The Furniture Company moved in the new stuff while me and Gwen talked in the kitchen.
I had a huge boner looking at her her soft dusky voice turning me on. We were alone the guys left after moving everything in.
Standing in the living room Gwen says can't wait to be kinky and break these in.
My hand shot up the back of her neck pulled her hair she let out a loud gasp of surprise.
Before anything could be said my dick was out.bumping and poking into her hips soft belly and thighs. Moaning out little mmhhhmmm as I kissed her deeply my hand on her right breast firmly squeezing my hand making a little circle as my fingers included and surrounded her nipple.
Her hands pressing against my chest one dropped and brushed against my dick. She brushed the back of her hand around my shaft and tip. Her struggles and little resistance stop. She grabbed my dick going from my tip to my shaft and all the way down.
Our kiss broke we just stood their looking at each other stunned surprised. Both still touching each other.
This has to be like top secret Gwen said looking at me hopelessly. No joke I said back to her.
We kissed a few times really quickly walking back towards her new plush couch. Sitting on top of me she slid down taking off my shoes and pants I took off my shirt. She came back up I took off her dress sliding it off in one quick smooth motion.
We kissed and laid on top of each other struggling for dominant position of being on top. Our legs run over each other. I came out on top pinning her wrists down. I kissed down her neck and sucked on her incredible boobs. Her nipples rolling over my tongue my fingers between her legs digging into her hot damp slit. I kissed and licked my way to her pussy. I worshiped her pussy devoured her as I made her go from damp to soaking wet. As I ate her out and used my fingers her legs would shutter and clamp around my head. Her hips would rock. She would go from a building huh huh to a louder ah ah ah to full on orgasmic moaning. Then she would relax a little bit still shaking and shuttering. Several times of making her cum and she put me in 69.
Gwen sucked my dick like a porn star as I ate her pussy. Then we both came at the same time. We sat up out of breath even though she just swallowed my cum. I kissed her long deep and passionately. I laid her back on her new couch I opened her legs rubbed my dick on her juicy pussy then slid inside of her. Soft warm squished tight clamping around my dick. Gwen let's out a loud aahhawwee and a soft oohhhh that went silent as she pressed her lips together and her eyes shut. She rocked and arched her hips under me. I had all of dick as deep in her as I could get. I was grinding and deeply pumping my dick in her with a lot of force. I shut my eyes like she had done. Tighter then my twenty one year old girlfriend and she had two kids.
Sshh flluuu sshh ffflluu sticky wet sounds is all I could hear is how wet and messy her pussy is. I start long strokes on her pinned both of her wrist with one hand and choked her with the other.
I'm six foot even two fifteen in great shape. Gwen is shorter and weights way less then me. I would guess five foot five one forty one fifty. I use my legs to pry her trying to clamp legs shut wide open. I lay over her in a very forceful position dominating her. In my fucking her like this she pushed her pussy up dipped her back. She opened up her entire body to me fully submitting.
I asked, were do you want me to cum. Not in me I'm not in birth control right now. I pulled out came on her shirt trimmed pussy hair. When the last drop fell on her sexy bush I let my dick swan dive and plummet back inside of her with a disgusting messy wet blop sound. Her pussy gapped open.
She was again moaning. Not to hard your way bigger then Paul. I kept going hard pushing the envelope. I bent her over held her pulled her on to my hard fucking thrusting. Her moans are loud and sexy. I rolled onto her side fucking deep into her. I was drunk on her body motions the movements she made and the sounds that came with it. We ended up back in missionary. We were fucking each other. As I fuck her she fucks me back. She locks her feet behind my legs my legs. Her back mostly off the couch her full plump bubble but in my hand I'm laying on top of her. We are literally locked around each other kissing passionately hands all over each other. I'm squeezing her huge boobs I cry out owe fuck I'm going to cum.
Her legs shooting up wrapping around my back. Pulling me into her deeper she keeps moaning pull out. I legitimately can't pull out she won't let me I pulled out as much as I could and I explode halfway out of her pussy she slid up under me quickly I felt my tip hit her cervix while I'm pumping cum the entire time. The whole time she is moaning out loudly wiggling her hips and making little dips with her hips.
She pulled me in kissed me deeply. I say I just came in you.
Her eyes sprang open she pushed me off of her. She ran to the bathroom and tried pushing my cum out of her a little but tried to come out. A few tiny and or small drips of watery mostly clear with some milky spots dripped out. She demanded I eat her pussy so I did I eventually started to taste my own cum sucking on her pussy. Trying to vacuum her pussy free of my cum. After a little panicked freaking out and some do you think I just got pregnant she relaxed a little. Then told me how good the sex was telling me Paul is a five inch hot dog. I'm hung ibknow that fat long white dick telling me I'm much thicker and several inches longer then her husband. I had gotten their at 8am it was now 3:45pm her couch was soaked. We flipped the couch cushion over and used Febreze. I left after a little kissing. I didn't shower I got some food and played ps5 all day. The smell of Gwen still rolling off my dick. I thought about it all day.
I had gotten my first real assignment covering the Baja off road race. I did bomb sauce on the job. I get back 60 days later.
My neighbor Gwen had a baby bump and gave me the little flirty wave. We met up fucked like rabbits. It's unknown if it's mine or Paul's don't really care. I'm just enjoying the hot milf sex.
Again I don't shower just chill my girlfriend comes over that night. Gwen pussy juice dried on my dick. She sucked and fucked my dick clean.
Up until then the hottest thing that has ever happened is me fucking my neighbors wife.
Now it's my gf telling how good my dick taste as she cleaned another woman pussy off my dick.

Aug 3
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