How to cheat

This may sound like a stupid question, but how on earth do people have the time and energy to cheat? With a full time job, three kids, a home, pets, and wife I'm busy 24/7 if I'm not sleeping. When I do have free time I want to nap or do a hobby. Seriously, how do you do it?

Aug 3
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    • I like sucking cock in public men's bathrooms

    • To be honest it does get tiresome. After a 100 or more affairs just tired of it.

    • Show me that dick, I' you the way grasshopper! I had difficulties cheating with women, I'm bi so I have good fishing buddies that sometimes bring along their wives. Shhhh

    • I used to wonder about that myself. My husband was a serial cheater, he wasn't a bad husband, time with me, time with the children, always working hobbies around the house, I would never guessed, because how would he find the time, but he did.
      When I found out I was devastated, I sat outside one nite sitting on our pininic table smoking a cigarette and sobbing. A neighbor was out, he came over and asked me if everything was okay. At first I said I fine, but then I blurted out all my troubles to him. He gave me a hug and said things have a way of working themselves out. I never realized how muscular he was and it was so comforting being held by him that next thing I know we were having sex on the table, it was very mutual.
      The next day we saw each other it was a bit uncomfortable at first, you know we sort of alluded to what happen was a freak, the next thing I know I had him in our bedroom and we were going at it.
      I am surprised how often we find time to do it. You just have to be flexible

    • Sex with another in your marriage bed is bold and sexy.

      I bet the orgasm was intense

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