My husband posts on here and doesn't think I know...

My husband posts and comments on here and doesn't think I know. I'm sure he'll see this, so to respond to his posts and comments...

1. I honestly don't mind that you always want me to wear pantyhose or thigh highs when we make love. You always make it worth my while. I do so love the long foot and leg massages that I get when I indulge you. Personally, I like you to rip open the crotch and fuck me, but I know you enjoy my pantyhose foot jobs and I don't mind doing that for you and having you cum on my feet and legs.

2. You want to watch me fuck another man? He will have to use a condom, at least at first. I'd prefer it be someone you know and trust at least. My top two choices would be Jeff or Scott. I could see doing Justin as well. Honestly, he probably needs the pussy more than Jeff or Scott do.

3. You want me to watch you fuck another woman? Fran said she would do it. She said she would do a threesome with us as well. I hinted around about it with Tina, but she didn't seem interested at all. Let me know of there are any other of my girlfriends that you want me to discreetly float the idea with them.

4. You want to blindfold me and have someone fuck me and leave without me seeing who it is. Let's start with trying #2 above and see about working our way up to this.

5. I know you're very close with Jane at the office. It doesn't threaten or bother me at all. If you want to take your relationship with her further and have the opportunity, please feel free. Just be honest with me and let me know what you two are doing. Maybe at some point I can watch you two together, or we can do a threesome! Or maybe even do some swapping with her and Roger.

I LOVE YOU! Text me when you see this.

P.S. Fran is coming over for dinner Sunday...

Aug 3
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    • Wow go woman. You are amazing.

    • Thank you! Hubby and Fran did make love that Sunday, but I didn't watch that time just to help make it less awkward for her. They made love again a few weeks later and I watched and found it very arousing. A few days later, she watched us as we made love. We haven't tried a threesome yet. We still haven't lined anything up for him to watch me with another man yet, but we are discreetly looking. And hubby and Jane did spend a night together last week and he said they both found it very enjoyable and plan on having another rendezvous soon.

    • You’re more than just a wife… you’re a hotwife or check that- an amazing hotwife AT THAT.!!! ;)

    • Thank you!

    • This is hot! Please have him eat your creampies from fucking other men. Once he tries it he will beg for it. It's become my addiction. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs. Guess a man's gotta have some sort of addiction! I wanna hear more!

    • Update:

      Yes, Fran is coming over for dinner on Sunday, and yes, she will bring pantyhose to indulge you. She said she has always thought you were cute and funny, and it has been a while since she's had any action. I think I'll just watch you two this time and if all goes well, maybe we'll set up another date to try a threesome. We agreed that we'd see how things go with Fran before we think about hinting around with any other of my girlfriends.

      We agreed that Justin probably needs the pussy the most. Hubby is going to start floating the idea when the opportunity presents itself and we'll see where it goes.

      As far as Scott and Jeff, hubby wouldn't mind fucking either of their ladies, so maybe a swap could happen if we start getting into this new adventure.

      And for hubby and Jane, he admitting that they've already made out on two occasions while working late, but no clothes came off. He has my permission, as long as he's honest and tells me what they are doing.

    • And a good time was had by all.

    • Life is too short. It is time for us to start living out some of these fantasies and desires.

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