New fetish

I have always loved giving oral sex, I enjoy eating a pussy or a cock, I sucked countless of cocks, but no one would doubt me. Recently I have an urge to lick my wife's pussy clean after I come inside her, the mix of her cum with mine dripping out of her pussy blows my mind, I would love to sit on my face while I eat her pussy and make sure all of those juices made their way straight into my mouth.
I'm afraid of her reaction.

Jul 25
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    • I have never sucked a cock but I clean my wife up often after sex if she hasn't climaxed yet. The first time I just slid down and went to town. She got off and after asked me about it. I told her I wanted to make sure she got off and it was my cum so who cares. She has no problem taking it in her mouth so why should I.

    • I crave doing it. Like a damn drug! I love eating creampies. Watching the cum flow down her pussy before I put my tongue in catching it all and swallowing our combined juices, then maki g her cum all over my face. Hoping she will release and squirt all over me! Nothing better to me. I always eat my own cum but from a fresh creampie is my favorite!

    • I always eat my own cum and have sucked cock too

    • DO IT NOW! You or your wife won't ever regret it. I can't have an orgasm now without my wife telling me I have to do this. Creampies are fucking delicious! I'd eat creampies from the world record orgie I live them so much!!! DO IT NOW! Just open up and tell her this is what you want and don't let you back out! You may have instant regret but once you get in there, you're gonna make her have the best orgasm of her life! DO IT NOW! Trust me!

    • Well... did you? Damnit man quit hesitating!

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