Mom dyes all my whites to pink

I grew up in the 60s and loved my long hair. me,my sister and mom went on vacation to my aunts lake house with her 4 daughters .when we get there,we thought mom was grabbing our suitcases , no one packed them. we went out to play and it began raining. my mom pulled my t shirt and shorts off. then she pulled me into a room and told me to get out of those under ware. she opened a draw and handed a pair of white ruffled panties. when i put them on, mom slide a leg into a pair of pantyhose. i told her to stop, told me how pretty my panties are. she slide on a tu tu and my dress. i was about to cry, but mom was doing makeup. this was embarrassing .then she grabbed my arm and took me to see the other girls.they were laughing at me. then they all attacked me like a cat fight and tore off my clothes and spanked me. when i slapped my mom by mistake, my aunt grabbed me and mom grabbed the hair clippers and before i knew it, i had no hair. that was the start of a long summer

Aug 7
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    • My brother used to bully us 3 girls all the time last summer. finally my mom had it, she said she had it. we all stood around to see mom pulled down his pants and spanked the shit out him. we just laughed as the bully began to cry. then sat him in a chair and gave him a buzz cut. afterwards, he stopped being a bully

    • Ha ha, shud have made him wear pink panty

    • Ahh child abuse at its finest. Your mom and aunt should be hung in public square for doing this to you. If you're one of them who is trying to recruit children into your sick cult, you should be hung also. End child abuse, one pedo at a time!

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