Cheating Wife Caught

Caught my Wife fucking around not once but twice. The first time she begged for forgiveness and I forgave didn’t forget but forgave. The second time I caught them in the middle of the act as he was shooting his cum in the depths of her pussy and cum was running down her thighs as she begged for forgiveness again.
And this was a totally different guy. Who knows how many cocks she taken is what I’m thinking. As she begging for me not to toss her ass to the curb because she has no where to go.
I calmed down and thought it out.
I told her to admit she was a cheating whore and she’s to accept she’s a whore but I won’t put up with a cheating whore. She reluctantly agreed.
So now I Pimp her out at the local strip bar. $50 for a bbbj $100 for a piece of pussy and $150 to fuck her raw in the pussy or ass and he can cum in the hole he chooses.
So she’s a real money making whore now. There’s this fine black little sexy gal that works in strip club where my wife whores out of. I told her I really wanted some of her sweet chocolate pussy and I want to fuck it raw and cum in her. Black gal said ok $350 to cum inside of me. I told my wife to put that pussy on sale and in overdrive because I’m going to fuck this black gal. My wife did a raw gang bang and gave me the money. I made my wife watch me fuck this sexy little black gal in our marriage bed. When filled her chocolate love tunnel up with my cum I told my wife to lick her pussy clean and make you give her sweet chocolate pussy an orgasm with your tongue and my wife did excellent job.I have a good whore wife now! And she knows she’s my whore and knows I’m getting pussy from other women and she’s paying for it.

Aug 1
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    • Wow! What a lucky woman.

      She gets to have sex with whomever she pleases and gets to lick her hubbys cum out of other woman’s pussy.

      I would kill for such a life

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