My wife gets so hot when I order her to lick my.....

One night - after much champagne~!, wife shared with me a deep secret which she finds "so naughty!"
An old boyfriend who was very aggressive and several years older than her - got her very drunk one night. He took her into shower with him. Then dried off and lay spread-eagle on his bed and ordered her to lick his butt! She got down between his spread hairy legs and approached his equally hairy and strong-looking ass cheeks. She slid her hands over his thighs, and looking at his large dark balls nestled there....leaned into his bottom and .....then...out came her tongue.
He roared his approval - reaching back a pulling on her blonde hair to get her face deeper into his ass as he lifted his hips for her easy access!
She said that she was nearly gagging at what she was doing - then a change came over her as she said she felt herself getting wet. Very wet! The noises this man was making because of what she was doing to him - was a real turn-on for her!
She felt "so naughty, a little dirty" almost every time he would order her to "do my ass!"....but it was also a massive turn-on for both of them! She said he enjoyed doing her, too. She said one time they were out driving home from a fancy dinner - she was playing with his dick. He stopped the car, told her to climb into the back seat - but when she got half way over the front seat - he grabbed her hips, pushed her dress up, yanked her panties down to the ankles and buried his face into her butt - spreading her painfully wide with this big hands. He ate her little butt until she was sore.......and then she finished him with her mouth.
It became a thing for them. she would do him and then he would do her butt hole.
The thing is .......she learned to get really super horny doing this to him.
I tried it with her one evening after my shower....
I walked up to stand in front of her where she was watching TV on the couch. I dropped my towel and turned around and backed my bare ass up to her face and told her, "lick my ass!"
She was quiet for a minute, stared up at me....eyes all big....then she reached up and took my hips in her hands and pulled me slowly back.....and pushed her sweet blonde face into my butt crack....then I felt her tongue come out of her mouth as she started probing and licking and pushing her face hard into my bottom.
The killer was that she .....started grunting ....and growling ...making noises I had NEVER heard my wife make and she licked and smeared her face into my crack....
She spread me to get her tongue as deep as she could - then when she was fully in there - she took my balls in one hand and my very stiff dick in the other and gave me the trifecta of male/ass/dick enjoyment!
I so wanted to turn around and shove my dick in her face and grab hold of her blonde head and face-fuck her....but frankly that would have been mean and selfish of me. Because it was so obvious that she was SO enjoying what she was doing - I then listened to her add another set of noises which made it clear that she was cumming .....having a mighty orgasm without being touched at all! I didn't know a woman could do that with just her thigh pressure and mental stimulation, or whatever was going on between her sweet thighs! He activities between my cheeks increased... and so did her muffled song in my butt!
It was great.
She was so embarrassed afterwards. This little sunday school teaching, PTA vice pres. 'lady' has just grunted out a massive orgasm while her tongue was probing deeply into a man's rectum, causing him to explode his very private liquids all over her coffee-table magazines!
Oh how I fucked her that night - the first night I discovered this secret thing that she finds soooo sexy and sooo naughty!
New worlds. Being 'ordered' to tongue-fuck a man's butt is what set her off.
Like something a prostitute would be ordered to do....but she is a married other of two!

Jul 31
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    • My ex liked licking butt holes and having hers licked.
      We tried it, 'discovered it', when we were both just 18. Very sweet young meat back there! Tight and pink and virgin! I'd just stay there after we'd both cum....resting my face on her tight little teen ass. Nestled between her athletic thighs....smelling this young girl's crotch and nibbling her butt. I loved it.....and her in those youthful days! A few blonde curls in my teeth.....

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