Finally caving

So I worked at a Best buy in the warehouse several years ago. My boss was bisexual. He didn't talk with any kind of lisp or anything. If you saw him, he was just every other guy. He hit on me all the time. Now, I had previous experience with men before I had ever encountered Randy. I just didnt want anyone to know I was interested in men. This was back when being gay wasn't cool like it is now. I was also 18 and I felt like I'd get made fun of.

So anyway, he would openly hit on me. He would do it in front of everyone. He would grab my ass and a couple times he would accidentally run his hand across my cock. He didn't do either of those in front of anyone. Again, any time he hit on me in front of ppl, I played it down and would be like, "Not a chance."

Then one night he and I were closing. We listened to the radio and the DJ had mentioned that a barge had hit the bridge that I had to cross to get home. The bridge would be closed while ppl assessed the damage. Now, I could get home but I'd have to drive an additional 2 hours. Randy says, "You could stay at my place tonight."

I had to think. This was before smart phones and being able to Google map your way home. I thought and didn't see any other option. I said, "Ok. Sounds good but I need to call and tell my parents." I called and explained and she agreed that if I could stay here it would be safer and easier.

After we were done, I followed him to his house. We went inside. He gave me a soda and we sat down to watch TV. We watched a bit and then he said, "You mind if I do something?" I say, "Yeah. Sure." He said, "I don't want you to get pissed and hit me." I said, "Don't worry. I won't hit you. Go ahead and do it."

He gets up and gets on his knees in front of me. Undoes my belt, unzips my pants and takes them off. Then he starts sucking my dick. Holy cow he was good. He sucked me for a few minutes and then stopped and said, "Welp. It's bed time." Now I was young and naive. I said, "I guess I'm crashing here?" He said, "Well, you can or you can sleep in my bed with me." I said, "I don't have any kind of pajamas. Didnt expect to need any." He said, "Well, I'll be naked. I'd absolutely love it if you were too."

We go to his bedroom. I finished getting undressed. He gets naked and holy shit he had the biggest dick I had seen. Prolly 8-10 inches. I dropped to my knees and started to suck it. He said, "Oh that's nice. I've wanted you down there for a long time." I stopped and said, "Well, you got me on my knees finally." He said, "Didn't I tell you I'd eventually get you on your knees?" I said, "How am I supposed to know you were being serious."

We get into bed and sideways 69. His mouth was made to suck dick. He sucked me off super fast. It was probably like 10 minutes. Then he said, "Get on your hands and knees. I wanna fuck you if thats ok." I kissed him. We swapped tongues. I said, "I don't mind. Just take it easy baby. I've never had a cock inside me." He did take it easy. It did hurt until he got it all the way inside. I gave him the go ahead to fuck me. He fucked me so good. He didn't tell me he was going to cum before it was too late and I'm happy he did that. He just said, "I'm cumming" and then shot his HUGE load inside me. I didn't have the opportunity to chicken out and since I have loved being cummed inside.

We slept together naked. I woke up first the next morning. We were spooning. His cock was hard and between my butt cheeks. I was still lubed and cum filled from the night before. I positioned his hard cock and backed my ass into his cock. That woke him up and he pushed it the rest of the way in and said, "Good morning. Horny are we?" I said, "We have a bit before we have to be at work. You up for it?" He said, "Absolutely."


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  • When I was first married my boss found me and my tight set of cheeks irresistibly cute. Embarrassingly flattered I'd blush and it made him even more interested. I told my bride who loved it and suggested that I play up to his fantasies about me for a raise. " Just tease enough without doing anything" she said laughingly. I helped him take inventory on a weekend wearing short cutoffs and tighty-whitie underpants. By Saturday afternoon I was in his bed with hickeys all over my freshy fucked nineteen year olds ass... I got the raise and more!

  • Well now your a poof how good is that.

  • Did you get a raise or a promotion? Continue to fuck him?

  • I eventually did get a promotion but I don't believe it was because of that. We would continue to have sex between 1 and 3 times a week for the next year and a half. He got transferred out of state and I would go to college. Ppl eventually found out. By then I didn't care

  • I got a new LCD TV.

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