Showed father in law

I showed my wife’s Dad some old naked pictures of his daughter. He was fascinated and asked for more. I’ve been showing him more current ones lately. This week I showed him one I took about a month ago. She has my cock in her mouth. He got all excited and took me into his workshop. He reached up on a high shelf and pulled down an old shoebox. He motioned for me to look through it. The first picture I looked at was of my wife’s mom. She was naked on her hands and knees with some guy I didn’t know fucking her from behind. The whole box was pictures of my wife’s mom doing various sex acts with various men.

Jul 31
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    • When I was young I used to sneak adult magazines from my dads room to jerk off too. But one day I noticed a box in the same drawer he hid his magazines. I looked inside and there were nude pictures of my mother with various other men, a few that I recognised as family friends or neighbors as well as some of her with a couple of different women I knew. I used a few of them as my new jerk off material. A few years later my parents divorced. Jump ahead a few years and at 18 I got married and like my parents my new wife and I got into swinging. But one night my dad came to our apartment to check on things thinking we were still out of town on vacation. But we came back early. He came in and saw me standing at the end of the bed fucking my hot 18-yo wife in the ass. A few weeks later he came over for dinner and for the first time discussed what he'd walked in on. Long story short things started to heat up and we soon found ourselves in a hot threesome with us taking turns with one of us fucking her as she sucked the other off. So I guess that took things full circle. Also after that night I showed him some pictures of my wife with other guys/girls and as a surprise nude pictures I'd taken of my older sister I'd taken in my mid-teens.

    • I was cleaning out some of my ex wife's stuff. After she had ran off with another guy. I was getting rid of everything that reminded me of her. The neighbor in the apartment across the hall, bought our mattress, boxsprings,, and canopy bed frame for his daughter. When we took the mattress off, I found her diary with pictures in it. I set it aside, after we got the bed taken over, i came back to read it. All the pictures were nudes of her having sex. With her father, her brother, a couple uncles, and several men I'd never seen before. The diary explained in detail about each picture. I was so furious I threw it in the trash. After an hour, I cooled off, went and took it out of the trash. I read through it again, studying each pictures as she described what was happening. Then I packaged it up, and shipped FedEx to the guy she ran off with.

    • I would have sucked his dick

    • I suck my FILs cock all the time. The wife thinks it’s great we spend so much time together. Getting a load of hot cum from the same balls thst made my wife is so nice. He’s coming over soon to watch a baseball game while the wife is out with her friends. In an hour we will be taking our clothes off while making out on the couch.

    • Nice, how did it start up?

    • Time for a tiresome with you, the wife and her dad. That’s fucking hot. You take his cock and guide it in her pussy. Then you take her ass while he cums in her pussy.

    • Nice. Looks like your wife inherited her exhibitionism from Mom.

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