Should I be Concerned

I am married for the second time I have a 14 year old son, my son and his stepdad get on well which I was glad of, they go to the football together as well fishing and do DIY jobs, they are really pally, I come home earlier than normal from shopping, to find them in the bath together, there excuse was they had been working in the garden and needed a hot bath, I know my son has been sexually active since he was 12, I have caught him playing with himself, I know its normal for boys and girls I was at it from the age of 11, But should I be concerned about when I found them in the bath, my husband had an erection I know men get unwanted erections for no reason, or have I got a dirty mind is something going on, am I to spurious surely they wouldn't be messing about, he is only 14, they have talked about a fishing weekend,

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  • Me and my stepdad use to compare dick sizes I caught him posing naked in front of the bedroom mirror with a huge erection he was a lot bigger than mine by about three inches I did like what I saw I was jealous of its size but a bit shy I started to leave but he called me back and said it was ok and did I ever pose well yes I had I wanked in front of the mirror, he said all men do it its normal, I was getting hard my bulge was obvious he said are you going to show me, you've seen mine, I did want to so I got it out I was really excited showing my dick, one thing led to another and we were doing each other favours

  • Don't bother its in the family its normal me and my uncle use to wank each other I am not saying at what age it started, I really loved playing with him his dick was much bigger than mine, my dad knew all about it and said keep the secret between the men, I am fairly sure my uncle and dad were at it as will.

  • If they are going to have a bit of fun let them all men do it, it usually starts in there early teens, they will never admit it to there wives or girlfriends, so why bother to stop them if you do they will only find a time and place to do it, I am a woman and I use to mess around with other girls and boys and my brother,
    I consider it to be a normal part of life, some families all join in the fun?,
    did it give you a buzz down below when you saw them both naked in the bath with erections it would have me, stop being a prude, think of doing the unthinkable.

  • Was your son hard as well

  • Yes he was

  • Let them have fun they are doing no harm its within the family keep it there, why rock the boat you know the saying the one who rocks the boat ends up in the water, I know its a taboo but if you catch them in the bath again why not strip off there and then and get in with them, you have herd the saying two heads are better than one well two dicks are as well, I know from experience you don't know what your missing

  • You should have got in with them and be shared

  • I did think of that, the thought of all three of us in the bath gave me a reaction imagining them playing with me and fucking me in turns, I scolded my self after but the thought keeps coming back I am now sat hear with wet pants

  • I use to do inappropriate things to my uncle but I really liked doing them

  • How old were you and are you a boy or girl and how old are you now..

  • Some times young and old mess about its ok if both are consenting

  • Let them go, maybe join in too

  • The thought had occurred

  • Its in the family its safe why bother

  • I was having a homosexual relationship with my mother's boyfriend when I was 13 years old. I was into having sex with him, I had homosexual experiences with three other boys at 13 years old. So when he wanted to have sex with me I was very excited about it. I was a very willing and eager young boy. It was my first time having sex with a man, It went on for a couple of years. I was young but wanted it

  • I know men like showing there dicks to each other its the norm who has the biggest, and its very common for boys to wank to see who can cum first, if two males undress together one or both get a hard on, it cant be helped you don't always want it but its there, I would forget about it .

  • I put simething onhere few days ago about my moms boyfriend mess with me from time i was about 8 till 12 and then mom and him split up. He did all that stuff to me and more and i hate him and even myself worse. Im 14 in a copil of months and want to die. I was at the doctors this morning because im not well. I hate school and everything else. I wish i could just get out of here and not feel like this anymore. I cant talk to anybody because im ashamed i let it hapoen and sometimes what he did made me feel good. I realy hate myself and you should not be with that man if hes in doing thatbto your son. I wish my mom would have known what he did to me. Im so lonley and scared alot of times..

  • I hope u see this friend, I want to help u because I know how u feel, I've had experiences like this and know others who have. First things first it is not ur fault, don't ever blame urself for what happened, u may have let it happen and even enjoy it sumtimes but he was the adult. Also, there is nothing wrong with enjoying it or thinking about it sometimes. It is very very normal, even if it doesn't seem like it and everyone has a stigma about it. U cannot let the guilt eat u away, u need to just accept what happened and don't let it own u. Look at the bigger picture, it was an experience that u can learn and get stronger from. I speak from a place of empathy, I feel for u I Rly do I have been where u are. I am 25 now and let me tell u I gets better, stay strong buddy u are not alone. I wish I could help u more and I hope u read this. My heart goes out to u

  • Thank you for calling me friend. I dont have any friends and dont have anybody to talk to. I sit in my room playing my games all day after school and week ends. But i prefare to be in my room because i hate school and nobody likes me and say im a freak and it hurts cause i no there right. My moms on tablets and i have being taken some of them every week and saveing them up and also paractmol tablets we keep in cubbord. Im going to save them up and im going to go to my gran parents in heaven. I hate myself so much and so does every one else. Im so lonley like i said and it hurts to much. No one will care or miss me anyway. People even say bad things here about agreeing with stuff. At least you said kind things and thanks.

  • Thanks my mom keeps giveing me a real hard time about school and why i dont go out even much anymore. She kind of blamed me when they even split up. Because i was rude to him alot and said im glad hes gone. Mom would spank me infront of him when i was little till copil months before he left and it was his choice. I remember him telling mom i was rude and had no manners and needed my bare ass spanked as he called it and thats what she done from then on. I hate him and i realy want to get out of this life. I want to be with my grandad and granma in heaven. I dont plan on been here for my 14th birthday im go to be with them. I no it be easier than liveing this bad life. I can hardley sleep and i dont like doing things anymore. I had a best friend whos my cousin and were same age. We did lots of things together. But over last year i think i only want stay in my toom with my xbox and stuff and he called me names. I hared him telling other people at school that i used to be ok and now im a freak and just boreing and he even told them i stay in my room all day. My mom must have told my aunt i do that. But hes right and i cant stick it and im a freaking. Im sorry if my spellings not good im not even good in school and my grades are always bad. Im crying posting this because i no what people are saying about me and i have ti much pain. My chest even hurts with pain..

  • Also I want u to understand that having feelings of liking what happened and it turning u on, is not anything to be ashamed of. That is the biggest thing because if u don't accept those feelings and understand them it will make u hate urself and it will break u. It does not make u a sick person to have those feelings, please understand that. It doesn't make what happened right I am not saying that at all, but u aren't the bad person for liking sex.

  • Sometimes I think back to my babysitter, and how he would pull down my pants and touch me and cum on my dick and just pull my pants up leaving his cum on me, and I would just pretend to be asleep. But sometimes my dick would get hard and it would actually feel good even though I knew it was wrong. For awhile it made flme feel like I was sick, but now I accept that sex is natural and that's all it is. I don't feel guilty for something that isn't my fault and I am stronger for having this experience today. I am not mad at the guy who did it to me. He was in his teens and he never physically hurt me, and was always very nice to me. He thought I never knew what happened and I think it's best that way, I know today he feels guilty about what he did. I wrote him a letter forgiving him and his response was very beautiful and painful to see how his affliction of being a pedo hurts him daily. I am not saying pedos are fucking innocent alot of them are sick disgusting people. Sorry for ranting

  • His stepdad is a fag and a pedophile. Take pictures/hidden videos of them together then go to the police. He's probably only with you to have access to your son. Get your son some psych help before he becomes a homo and a child molester. In the meantime, you need to give your son some of your hot mom pussy, so he knows how much better a hot, wet vagina is than a fat cock up his ass.

  • So u call the dad a pedo but it's fine if it's the mom? That's fucked up. As long the boy wants it it's ok but he seems to young it needs to be legal

  • Some times when men are undressed in each others company they get erections I think it must be nudity, a friend of mine is a nudist and it is not unusual for men or young boys to have an unexpected erection, its the norm at nudist camps, you can be sat around talking and a man is sat there with a whopper on every body notices but doesn't stare.

  • Be very concernd..

  • Ime not sure if you should be concerned about them in the bath and your husband having an erection, I am a man and I get unexpected erections it just happens my dick has a mind of its own it stands up for no reason, and when I change in the company of other men at the Jim, I am wondering if his erection was for your sun, if it was two brothers in the bath I wouldn't bother, its the age difference that should concern you, keep an eye on them watch there body language you will know if something is going on

  • My moms boyfriend started to mess with me when i was around eight. He came into me while i was in bath and said something about my willy and then started to rub it for me. I remember it feeling good and yet naughtie. He went on from put my willy in his mouth and touch me all over and made me touch him and even made me put his willy in my mouth. I was crying and lots of stuff i now know called cumm went into my mouth andbhe said i need to try swallow it all. The worst part of what he used to do was put his willy inside my bum after putting cream inside me. I was lyeing face downbon my bed and i was begging him to stop andbi was in so much pain and cried the whole time. When he was finished he got up and slapeed my bum a few times realy hard and got some towels and stuff and washed me. This went on till i was twelve and my mom and him split up. i will be fourteen in two months and i hate him and myself..

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